Ratchet RetroCast Ep 47
Chris, Strangeway, Q and Patrick go bouncing here and there and everywhere as they take a tailspin into The Disney Afternoon! This one is for all the gold in Scrooge’s vault as we relive the 90s and become the terrors that flaps in the…you get the picture. Jump in front of your speakers and listen in as we discuss the after-school programming that only Disney could provide.

Special guest Cedric Whittaker of Airship Isabella joins us for our Clockwork Conversation (our apologies, we tried to get him on the air before he met up with John at Wild Wild West Con, but this should be almost as good as being there).

Show NotesPatrick & Q Honor Mel “Fiver” Kerns
Disney Afternoon
BuzzFeed’s Best Of List
Darkwing Duck
Tale Spin
Duck Tales, Woo Hoo! (Seriously, it’s coming back)

Clockwork Conversations with Airship Isabella
Airship Isabella
Airship Isabella on FB
Cincinnati A&G

Final Thoughts
RIP Gary Owens
Constantine Finale
50 Shades of Abuse