Ratchet RetroCast Ep 46
Throw on your poncho and grab your six-shooter, this episode we dive into the Wild West of American Cinema. Chris, Q, Strangeway and Patrick learn what elements it takes to make a real Western film. Joining us for our Clockwork Conversation is Diana Given from Wild Wild West Con to tell us all about the upcoming convention at Old Tucson Studios in Arizona. Saddle up Pilgrim, and enjoy!

Show Notes
A Quick Guide to the Western
IGN’s Top 25 Westerns of All Time
Essential Spaghetti Westerns
Weird West
Old Tucson Studios

Clockwork Conversations with Diana Given of Wild Wild West Con
Wild Wild West Con
Kids Need to Read

Final Thoughts
Salt City Steamfest
Invader Zim comes to comics
Netflix is developing a Live Action Zelda show
Last, but not least, Goku vs. Superman.