Ratcheet RetroCast Ep 45
The year is 1985. Thirty years later we look back at one of the most influential years of the 80’s. Every medium that year was surrounded by pure awesome, so much that we may have to have a follow up show, maybe even a trilogy! Sit back as Q, Chris, Strangeway and Ratchet take to the airwaves and blow your mind with nostalgia even your parents couldn’t handle back then. Clockwork Conversation comes back with a vengeance with special guest author Leanna Renee Hieber. Enjoy this special edition 2 hour show!

Show Notes
1985 News & Events
New Coke!
Top Films of 1985
Top TV series released in 1985
The Best Songs of 1985
The launch of the Nintendo Entertainment System
Rather than showcase all the movies and music we discussed, check out our ESO Store where we posted up some of the highlights! .

Clockwork Conversation Leanna Renee Hieber
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Final Thoughts
Dangerfield & Kenison
Zelda Symphony
Public Enemy & Chuck D
Foundry Building inspired by Man at Arms
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