Ratchet Retrocast Ep 13Are you ready for Dragon Con? This special episode is brought to you to do just that! The entire crew here plays some part in helping Dragon Con run and we want to fill you in with how it all works. Our special guest is Dan Carroll who is the Director of Media for Dragon Con who we grill on what exciting things to expect this year. Follow it up with Jeri and Darrin Eader from the crew of the Alternate History Track to discuss steampunk happenings at Dragon Con during the Clockwork Quarter Hour.

Dragon Con Main Site
ESO Dragon Con Report
PBS 4 Days at Dragon Con
Last Dragon Con
The Really Really Really Long Dragon Con Video

Achievement Unlocked
July 13, 1984. The Last Starfighter is released.
July 16, 1945. First Nuclear weapon is tested in the Trinity Test. Director Kenneth Bainbridge says “now we’re all sons of bithces.”
July 16, 1988. Akira is released.
July 16, 1991 CD was born. The little tyke’s all grown up. Cheers to CD!

Clockwork Quarter Hour with the Alternate History Track
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Opening Song “Last Dragon Con”