Ratchet Retrocast Ep 11“One podcast again an entire armada? It’ll be a slaughter!” “That’s the spirit!”

This week we travel to a trailer park with a single arcade game. It’s the Starfighter episode we’ve been promising since the beginning!
The Last Starfighter is full of iconic one-liners, classic sci-fi tropes and the Music Man.

And we’re joined by Christina, of the Shawncastic podcast and lead of her own show, Intro to Geek. We chat about the dated special effects (and Q’s method of rationalizing them), the musical adaptation of Starfighter (thanks, Ratchet!), as well as Q and John’s lifelong search for the arcade game IRL.

Christina even joins us for our Achievement Unlocked segment! And for the Clockwork Quarter Hour we are joined by Brian Gardner of Swing Goth. Activate the Death Blossom and tune in for the hilarity!

The Last Starfighter
Sauntastic Podcast
Intro to Geek
Last Starfighter Arcade Game?
Modern Starfighter Play Through
PopCycled Baubles
ESO Khan Report

Achievement Unlocked
June 16, 1989 – Ghostbusters II premiers
June 17, 1983 – Superman III is released in the US
June 18, 1983 – Sally K. Ride, the first US woman to travel in space, on Challenger mission STS-7
June 21, 1893 – The Ferris wheel makes its debut at the Chicago World’s Fair having been invented 2 years by George W. Gale Ferris

Clockwork Quarter Hour with Dim Horizon Studio
Swing Goth
The Steam Federation
Clockwork Alchemy