Welcome to Phantom Who, a new feature designed to go along with the Earth Station Who podcast, which I co-host. There I am known as “Dave” because “Phantom Troublemaker” takes up too much room on the stationary. Every other week there will be a new podcast discussing all things Doctor Who, with a central discussion about a particular story.

For the first year we are covering regeneration stories. Starting with An Unearthly Child and wrapping up the current regenerations with The Eleventh Hour, we’ll be covering the first and last stories of each of the first eleven Doctors.

Last time on Phantom Who…

The Doctor had been exiled to Earth by his own people – the Time Lords – after being forced to regenerate. After agreeing to help UNIT – the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce – out with an alien invasion the exiled Time Lord stayed on as their Scientific Advisor.

The Doctor would go on to save the world many times over with UNIT while always working to restore the functionality of his TARDIS. He was quite fond of the Earth and its’ resilient human population, but chafed at being stranded. Eventually he stopped another exiled Time Lord – this one evil – from conquering or destroying the universe and won the Time Lords’ favor. They allowed him to repair his TARDIS and move about time and space once again.

The Doctor had been talking about visiting a planet called Metebelis 3 throughout his exile. Once the TARDIS was repaired he made this his first trip and took a souvenir in the form of a native Blue Crystal. Unfortunately this Blue Crystal was fairly important to the giant spiders that ruled Metebelis 3 and Doctor Three’s final adventure revolved around returning it to the planet. He received what would have been a lethal dose of radiation to any other humanoid life form and barely made it back to Earth.

Once there – back in UNIT headquarters – he collapsed and once again took on a new form with the help of yet another renegade Time Lord (they’re all over the place). Intrepid reporter Sarah Jane Smith and UNIT commander Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge Stuart witnessed firsthand as the Doctor’s familiar aristocratic face and silver hair transformed into a younger countenance that was once described as “all teeth and curls”…

Robot opens exactly where Planet of the Spiders left off.

The Doctor is laying on the floor of his UNIT laboratory with the Brigadier and Sarah Jane looking on. They watch as he pops up a couple of times and spouts lines from old adventures, then the Brigadier summons UNIT’s medical officer to the scene. We are introduced to Lieutenant Harry Sullivan, a man who is as straightforward as the day is long. He takes the Doctor under his care and the scene changes to another locale.

It is night at the Ministry of Defense and a mysterious intruder is breaking into the facility. We get the ol’ Villain-Vision point-of-view that lets us know that this being is not only tall but also has large, menacing pincers for hands. In the process of the break-in a guard is murdered and some presumably important paperwork is stolen. Also, a dog is scared off but not killed. I don’t know if that’s really significant or not, but it was certainly important to Lil’ Troublemaker, who was watching Robot with me.

The break-in at the Ministry of Defense received a not inconsiderable amount of attention. Back in the UNIT laboratory the Brigadier is telling Sarah Jane all about it – perhaps more than he intended, as he’s used to her presence and help with world-threatening situations by now. He discloses a fact not released to the public – that the stolen paperwork was actually design schematics for a new Disintegrator Gun that the Brits are working on. Sarah Jane points out the Brigadier’s seeming lapse of security and sensing a good moment for another indulgence asks if he can arrange for her to visit the National Institute for Advanced Scientific Research. The NIASR is a collection of the very best scientists – a sort of Think Tank – that isn’t exactly the most public of institutions. Obviously there’s a good story to be had there. Sarah Jane may be helpful when the world needs saving, but she’s still a reporter and has to earn a living.

The Brigadier tells her it won’t be a problem at all and the two leave for his office to arrange the visit.

As they make their way down the hall, the pair just miss a certain Time Lord sneaking back to the laboratory. Clad only in a dressing gown and a familiar velvet jacket, the Doctor is carrying his shoes and doing his best to not be seen. It seems he is quite eager to be on his way. He sneaks into the laboratory and fishes a key out of his shoe. This is a nice callback to Spearhead From Space, where it was revealed the Doctor keeps the TARDIS key in his shoe and much ado was made over the recovery of said shoes.

But just as the Doctor is about to bail on Earth, UNIT, and everything; Harry Sullivan pops into the laboratory and asks just what the heck is going on. He tells the Doctor he is not fit to be out of bed and the Time Lord contradicts him by performing a quick set of calisthenics and a check that both hearts are operating normally. Harry is unconvinced, so the Doctor grabs some nearby cable and starts skipping rope. Just to prove his point he gets right up in Sullivan’s face, forcing the UNIT medical officer to skip as well. As the Doctor intones a somewhat grim rhyme to accompany them, we cut to the Brigadier and Sarah Jane rushing down the halls looking for the Doctor.

The Brigadier assets that there is only one place the absent Time Lord could be as they enter the empty lab. Confounded, they hear a clatter coming from a supply cabinet. Sullivan is upside down inside, with his feet bound to a hook near the top. Just as he starts to explain what happened, the TARDIS starts to wheeze from its spot in the corner. Sarah Jane panics and rushes over to bang on the door. The wheezing stops and the Doctor leans out, an innocent and questioning look on his face. A, “Hello there, can I help you? I was just about to fly away in my police box,” kind of look. Sarah Jane explains that UNIT once again needs his help and the still discombobulated Doctor finally recognizes her and the Brigadier, whom he addresses as “Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge Stuart.”

The Doctor agrees to stick around and lend a hand, but needs to put on something a little more practical than his current ensemble. He disappears back into the TARDIS and reappears moments later in a full-on Viking gear – complete with a horned circlet, sword, and shield. The sword struck me as a bit odd given the Doctor’s pacifistic tendencies, but maybe this incarnation was going to be even more hardcore than his Venusian Aikido-utilizing predecessor (just kidding – we all know better). The Brig points out that they might want to keep a low profile and that a Viking stomping around town would probably call some attention. The Doctor agrees and steps back into the TARDIS, emerging moments later in a costume that appears to be based on the royalty from a deck of cards. It’s even more garish than the previous getup. Sensing the disapproval of his friends, the Time Lord changes again, this time returning in a (opera clown) costume, complete with face paint. Obviously this one’s no good either and the Doctor pantomimes an exaggerated sad face as he turns and opens the TARDIS door.

And then returns one final time with a huge grin on his face and a now-familiar scarf around his neck.

Elsewhere, the mysterious intruder is at it again. There’s another Villain’s-Eye-View as some sort of mechanical components are stolen. UNIT arrives on the scene soon after. The Brigadier and his men examine the area and come to the conclusion that it must have been a small squad of specialized enemy troops. The Doctor, meanwhile, is very interested in the local flora; much to the Brigadier’s irritation. Specifically, the Doctor is examining a crushed yellow flower. Pulverized, in fact. He surmises that whatever did the damage must have been quite large and heavy and was probably not several stealthy soldiers. The Time Lord then blows the flower remnants at the Brigadier and states that somebody must be stealing parts to make a Disintegrator Gun and tells the Brigadier UNIT had darn well better make sure the last piece was well guarded.

While all that is going on, Sarah Jane Smith is paying her visit to the National Institute for Advanced Scientific Research. The two administrators going to greet her do not seem at all pleased. A severe-looking woman named Winters and a guy named Jellicoe that you wouldn’t trust to watch a taco for you are en route to meet Ms. Smith and talking about her lousy timing. They proceed to give her a tour of the facility. When the trio come across a restricted area Sarah Jane just sort of walks on in.

Side Note: I find Sarah Jane Smith just as adorable as everybody else does, but this struck me as being super rude. She’s not even trying to be discrete – she just walks right into this area that clearly says “No Admittance”. And it’s not like this place is suspicious yet. Well, not in the story, anyway. We as viewers know that Winters and Jellicoe are creeps and are totally up to something, but Sarah Jane has no reason to think this. She’s totally abusing the hospitality of people who – in theory – are working for the betterment of humanity. Jerk move, Smith.

Obviously Sarah Jane stumbled across a dark, sinister secret that linked the NIASR to the series of high-level break-ins, right? Nope. She found a big, empty room. Jellicoe and Winters are all huffy about their guest’s bad form (and rightfully so) and inform her that this was once the laboratory of Professor Kettlewell; who is known for having a name that was almost as ridiculous as his hair. He worked in robotics at NIASR until he left to pursue alternative energy sources. Sarah Jane continues to be all snoopy until she almost slips, trips, and falls in a puddle of mysterious fluid. Jellicoe and Winters sternly recommend that they continue the tour.

While Sarah Jane is busy being an unapologetic snoop, UNIT is setting up security around the final component needed to build the Disintegrator Gun. Up until this point Robot has been total Scooby Doo – lots of strange goings-on, snooping around, and mysterious crimes. But now things get all GI Joe, as a seemingly powerful military force uses the absolute dumbest and most short-sighted methods possible to protect the final element of a fantastic device of mass destruction. The Disintegration Gun might as well be the Weather Dominator.

So UNIT sets up a perimeter around an underground bunker where they have secured the component in a metal box inside some impenetrable steel bars. There is exactly one dude left inside the bunker guarding the component. The Doctor shows up and is all like, “Hey guys, somebody could probably drill up through the bottom of your little bunker there, huh?” And sure enough when they all rush down to check it out there’s a dead guard, huge hole in the floor, and the component is gone. Sergeant Benton – who is actually one of the longest-running tertiary characters on the show – finds a huge, deep footprint in the ground where the tunnel comes out.

After a visit to Professor Kettlewell himself yields nothing juicy for Sarah Jane to write about, she returns to the NIASR facility and claims she left her notebook. The guard – who is not the sort of doofus usually left in charge of security in Doctor Who stories – is suspicious and tells her to wait. And then leaves her at the entrance. So he’s a different kind of doofus. Naturally Sarah Jane sneaks back into the facility and finds Kettlewell’s old lab again. After she enters, a giant robot lumbers out of the shadows menacingly. Well, obviously it was menacing. It’s a giant robot. It’s not like it was going to come mincing out of the shadows asking about a spot of tea. Though I’d like to see that.

Sarah Jane runs to the door and straight into Winters, who is looking all smug and snarky. She and Jellicoe seem all pleased with themselves as Winters explains that they saw Sarah Jane sneaking back in and thought they would play a little joke on her using the robot, which is called K1. Winters then orders K1 to kill Sarah Jane, but the robot cannot act on the orders because it has programming (Asimov’s Laws) that prevent it from harming humans. For the record, I am totally on board with this plan. Sarah Jane is being kind of a jerk at this point. Granted, her suspicions will be borne out; but for now she had it coming.

So Winters has proven that their pet robot can’t kill. Sarah Jane tells the NIASR administrator that she felt her joke was a bit rude and then apologizes to K1, which was so British it was painful – “Ever so sorry you were ordered to kill me and not doing so caused you discomfort!” Our intrepid reporter storms off in a huff and Jellicoe tells Winters her little show was a terrible idea because they had only just reprogrammed their giant, killer robot.

Sarah Jane reports her findings to the Brigadier and company at UNIT. After they all have a good laugh at her come-uppance, the Brig tells her that they can’t really do anything about somebody using a giant robot to scare nosy reporters. But he does agree to send Harry to NIASR undercover. This doesn’t make a lick of sense, but it did give Harry – who I like a lot – something to do. The rest of the UNIT crew – the Brigadier, the Doctor, and Sarah Jane – go to Professor Kettlewell’s laboratory to get some specifics about the robot.

Professor Kettlewell’s laboratory looks more like some kind of store. There’s a window in front that gives it a very shop-like quality despite the stereotypical mad scientist chemistry setup inside. He even has a big, empty stockroom in the back that’s a perfect setting for a killer robot chasing a Time Lord. But we’ll get to that.

The professor himself looks like a gnome. I mean, exactly like a gnome. Not the garden variety, but the tinker variety – like the ones in the Dragonlance books. He’s got these thick, Coke bottle glasses, he’s short, and he has crazy hair that stands up all over his head. Actually, now that I think about it, he totally has Wolverine hair:

When UNIT first shows up the Professor has no interest in talking, but then the Doctor works his “Ah, a fellow scientist!” magic and the guy opens up. He tells them all about K1 and how it seemed to be getting just a little too smart and a little too powerful and he ordered it decommissioned. He says that there’s no way those twits Winters and Jellicoe could have reprogrammed K1 for murder, and even if they had it would make the robot all crazy. The Doctor and company exchange looks because crazy giant robots are exactly what UNIT deals with. They’re just usually from outer space.

Speaking of crazy giant robots, K1 has killed again. Winters and Jellicoe sent it after some Minister of something-or-other and it shows up at Kettlewell’s laboratory having a full-on existential crisis.

Back at UNIT, it has been discovered that several members of the NIASR are also members of the Scientific Reform Society. The SRS are a bunch of elitist science snobs who think that society should be run by – guess who? – elitist science snobs. The Brigadier and the Doctor pay the NIASR facility a visit to inquire about K1and also to get a feel for the level of science snobbery, but Winters tells them the robot has been dismantled and incinerated. The Doctor makes it perfectly clear he doesn’t believe her and she makes it perfectly clear that she knows he knows she is lying and what’s he going to do about it, anyway?

Also, Harry shows up to infiltrate the NIASR. This is not nearly as exciting as you might think.

Harry – “Hullo, I’m a doctor. I’m here to join your group.”

NIASR Guard – “Oh – come right in. Tea’s on in the kitchen.”

When the Doctor returns to the UNIT laboratory he receives a call from Professor Kettlewell. The man is clearly upset and tells the Doctor that K1 has shown up at his lab and is very upset. Not one to be perturbed by the idea of an upset killer robot, the Doctor leaves a note stuck to the TARDIS and heads over to Kettlewell’s in Bessie, his car.

Unbeknownst to our Time Lord, Winters and Jellicoe – who seem to have no lackeys to do their dirty work – busted into Kettlewell’s lab and acted all sinister as soon as he got off the phone.

When the Doctor arrived there was nobody there. Nobody, that is, except K1, who had been ordered to kill the Time Lord on the grounds that he was an enemy of humanity! The Doctor evades the robot in the spacious and empty supply room for a good bit. But when the Doctor throws his hat over K1’s head to blind it, the robot plays possum and then conks the him on the head when he gets near.

Back at UNIT, Sarah Jane has found the Doctor’s note:


Professor Kettlewell tells me he has the robot hidden at his house. I’ve gone to meet him.

P.S. – It is of course possible that this message is a trap. If it is I can deal with it.

P.P.S. – I am leaving this note in case I can’t.”

Luckily for the Doctor everybody assumes he can’t and shows up at Kettlewell’s just in time to stop K1 from pulverizing him like a small, yellow flower. Sarah Jane tells K1 to stop its murderous ways and that she is its friend or whatever. The robot gets all confused because it quite likes the tiny human woman. Just then the rest of UNIT shows up and – true to form – start basting away. It turns out that K1 is not only crazy and murderous, but also invincible. It easily escapes from the situation, leaving behind frustrated UNIT troops and Sarah Jane, who is tending to the Doctor. They find Kettlewell tied up in a cabinet – much smaller than the one Harry Sullivan was tied up in – and he tells them that the sinister NIASR admins did, indeed, reprogram K1. Well, duh. Kettlewell also explains that K1 is made of a living metal and would likely be vulnerable to a virus he had been working on.

Just for the record, Professor Kettlewell is a robotic engineer who is currently working on alternative fuel sources and metal-eating viruses. Also, he is the one who started the Scientific Reform Society, though with more innocent intentions than the current regime.

Sarah Jane convinces the man to take her to one of the meetings. Sergeant Benton – who has showed up to serve tea, as he often does – thinks this is a terrible idea. But since Kettlewell and Sarah Jane are not actually members of UNIT he can’t do anything about them leaving.

The Doctor regains consciousness some time later and has reasoned out that the Minister of Something-or-Other that K1 killed must have been the Minister of Something Pretty Darned Important. The Brigadier tells the Doctor about an international plan that is, quite frankly, the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

In order to ensure peace, the Earth’s superpowers all wrote down the locations and launch codes for their nuclear weapons. Then they stuffed them all into a little envelope and gave them to Britain to keep an eye on. Nobody else would have been trustworthy enough because, as the Doctor slyly points out, they’re all foreigners. The Brigadier simply affirms this, not catching onto the Doctor’s sarcasm. The idea here is that if things got hot Great Britain would release the codes and it would force things to settle down.

The Doctor points out that the NIASR now has these codes and that could be a real problem for anybody living on Earth. Sergeant Benton shows up with some more tea and tells the Doctor and the Brigadier where Sarah Jane and Kettlewell went and the Time Lord is suddenly very nervous.

As he should be, because it turns out Kettlewell isn’t just a member of the Scientific Reform Society, he’s also the president. After Winters does an incredibly Hitler-esque rant up on stage about how smart they all are and how regular people are too stupid to live without the direction of awesome science nerds, Kettlewell gets up on stage and talks about his great robot. It’s about that time the great robot detects Sarah Jane’s presence. Kettlewell had her hide behind some boxes when they arrived and the crazy killer robot is now stomping over to expose the intruder.

Side Note: Bad guys should not leave stacks of boxes around the places where they have their evil secret meetings. The Doctor and his friends always hide behind stacks of boxes.

Outside in the reception area of the SRS offices the Doctor has arrived and is trying to convince a guard to let him in. The guard is no having it and gets up to usher the Doctor out the door. However, the man has unknowingly stepped on the Doctor’s new scarf and once the Time Lord reaches the door he yanks the scarf out from under the guard, knocking him to the floor. The Doctor rushes by into the meeting room just as K1 knocks over the stack of boxes. He rushes the stage and dances, does card tricks, and just generally draws attention away from Sarah Jane. The guard from the front rushes in, but the Doctor leans down to tie his shoes and the man dives straight over him. This is easily the most impressive stunt seen on Doctor Who up to this point.

The Doctor confronts Kettlewell, who admits that he started SRS to bring more order to the world. He claims that with the stolen documents he can now force order on the world, but sounds a little unsure of the whole plan. The Doctor tells him that the end never justifies the means and then Winters orders K1 to kill him and Sarah Jane.

UNIT shows up in the nick of time and starts blasting things. K1 barrels out the front door and is almost done in by some stairs, but Jellicoe is there to help it down. All of the SRS people use Sarah Jane as cover and manage to make it to a truck and escape, proving once again that UNIT soldiers are second only to Stormtroopers in the realm of being terrible shots.

Meanwhile, Harry is at the NIASR facility. He calls the Brigadier – who answers on an absolutely hilarious portable phone – and tells him that all of the scientists are evacuating to some sort of bunker. Then, in the grand tradition of British straight men, he gets knocked unconscious.

Somehow or other UNIT manages to locate the SRS hideout. It’s pretty ingenious, as it makes sense for an underground bunker but must have cost nothing for the show to construct. It’s essentially a door frame surrounded by a fence. There’s a building in the background that may or may not be a part of the setup. There are also machine guns… somewhere. As the UNIT troops are preparing to rush the bunker, the Doctor stops them and pulls out his sonic screwdriver. Aiming it towards the bunker, he casually sets off several buried mines as the soldiers look on, amazed.

As UNIT begins its assault on the bunker, K1 appears with the fully assembled and operational Disintegrator Gun and blasts a soldier. A tank rolls up and K1 blasts it, too.

Stuff just got real, y’all.

Side Note: The tank is hilarious. It is clearly a toy tank and is superimposed even more poorly than the rancor in Jedi.

As UNIT focuses its collective firepower on the murderous robot, the Brigadier pops off what is probably one of the funniest lines in the history of classic Doctor Who:

“Just once I’d like to meet an alien menace that wasn’t immune to bullets.”

In the bunker, Winters has informed the Brigadier – likely via his giant phone – that they will blow up the world in thirty minutes. Much like the group in Planet of the Dinosaurs, the SRS wants to reset things with themselves in charge. Winters has Kettlewell link the bunker computers up to the international defense computers – because he is also a computer programmer; a jack-of-all-trades our Kettlewell is – and sets the countdown in motion. The Professor is becoming notably less satisfied with things.

He attempts to disable the countdown, and just as Winters is about to stop him Harry Sullivan and Sarah Jane Smith show up and take care of business. Harry gives Jellicoe what-for and the sheer physical threat of the five-foot-nothing Smith is enough to cow Winters. Professor Kettlewell stops the countdown and escapes up the stairs with Smith and Sullivan.

Unfortunately, K1 is at the entrance to the bunker. It turns, sees the escaping trio, and threatens them with the Disintegrator Gun. Kettlewell attempts to talk his creation down, but the robot – who is growing more agitated by the minute – blasts him. It’s actually quite a sad moment as the monster destroys its creator. K1 is so stricken that it falls over onto Sarah Jane, who realizes that wasn’t supposed to happen and does her best to act like a four-ton metal humanoid didn’t just fall on her.

UNIT and the Doctor make their way into the bunker, where Winters has restarted the countdown because she is an evil jerk. She does the whole maniacal laughter thing and claims they cannot hope to stop the countdown and then the Doctor walks over, sits down, and stops the countdown. Winters is understandably disappointed.

In all the fuss over the world not ending everybody lost track of Sarah Jane. Everybody, that is, except for K1; who grabbed her the moment nobody was looking. The robot escapes inot the bowels of the bunker with his captive, explaining how he still intends to carry out his final directive of destroying the human race, but he likes her so she will be spared. Awww.

The Doctor finally realizes that Sarah Jane is missing and flips out on everybody. Sergeant Benton pours everybody a nice cup of tea and tells the Doctor about Kettlewell’s metal-eating virus. The two proceed to the Professor’s lab to see what they can find.

For the second time UNIT has left the bunker totally unattended, so K1 just walks in and starts the countdown back up. But this time the international defense computers are ready and halt the countdown unassisted. K1 has had enough of this and exits the bunker with Sarah Jane in tow. She manages to jump out of the way when the Brigadier unloads the Disintegrator Gun on the metal behemoth.


K1’s metal skin is not like any other metal skin! It simply absorbs the disintegration rays and starts growing! And growing. And growing.

The next several minutes are total King Kong and there’s nothing wrong with that. UNIT resumes its barrage on the now gigantic robot. Assault rifles, machine guns, and even rocket launchers have no effect on the metal gargantua. In the midst of the chaos, K1 finds Sarah Jane and picks her up. It then turns and starts to make its way through the nearby town, stepping on and knocking over building; leaving a wake of destruction in its path.

K1 reaches the center of town and places Sarah Jane atop a bell tower. Shortly thereafter Sergeant Benton and the Doctor return in Bessie with a pail of metal-eating virus. As Benton drives the antique car, the Doctor hangs wildly out of the back with a yellow pail full of pink, bubbling virus in hand. They speed towards the massive menace and just as collision seems imminent, Benton turns the wheel and the Doctor douses K1’s legs with the virus.

The robot starts to shrink and moan as the virus destabilizes it’s molecules. The Brigadier, the Doctor, and the rest of UNIT approach the fallen monster as it returns to its normal size. As the Brigadier looks on, he orders his men to incinerate the now incapacitated automaton. The Doctor tells him not to bother and gestures towards K1 as it dissolves before their eyes.

Sarah Jane feels bad for K1 and the Doctor commiserates, pointing out that under different circumstances it could have been a force for good rather than evil.

Back in the UNIT laboratory, the Doctor is preparing to leave and incites Sarah Jane to come along with him. Harry Sullivan enters the room and inquires as to what the pair are doing. He ridicules the idea that the blue police box standing in the corner could be a spaceship, so the Doctor invites him to step inside. Once all three are in, the TARDIS dematerializes with a familiar wheezing sound. Just then the Brigadier enters the laboratory and gets a bemused look on his face.

“I suppose I shall have to tell Buckingham Palace the Doctor is going to be late for dinner…”


-As far as I know the K1 robot has nothing to do with K-9. Or with the Japanese kickboxing promotion.

-I didn’t mention it above because I didn’t want to throw off my dramatic recap, but the Sarah Jane that the gigantic K1 carries around is a hilarious little doll. It looks extremely funny with its little legs flailing around. Not as bad as the tank, but still amusing.

– This seems to be the fastest recovery time of any regeneration. The Doctor almost always seems to take a very long nap or be in a coma or something after he regenerates, right up to the Eccleston to Tennant time. But in Robot the Doctor only takes short naps and seems to be a bit more lucid and vital each time.

-This is the only instance of Doctor Four in Bessie; and the last appearance of the car until The Five Doctors.

-Doctor Four’s sonic screwdriver is different from Doctor Three’s from the very start. It is very similar, but the black and yellow spiral that decorated Three’s is gone.

-This also marks the first appearance of Doctor Four’s signature Jelly Babies, as well as the first time somebody accepts one and then appears frustrated that they had done so – at the very end the Doctor offers them to Harry, who is busy disbelieving the TARDIS’ capabilities.

Come back next time for Logopolis, which is the final story for Tom Baker, the fourth Doctor! I have probably seen that story more than any other and it has a lot of meaning to me as not only My Doctor’s last story but also one that I very clearly remember watching when I was a child. I’ll share those memories next time.


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