An open discussion between 2 men and 2 women on the nature of masturbation.

It’s normal, it’s natural and it’s been around since the beginning of time. Not always an easy discussion, yet most people do it. Masturbation has been depicted in art since prehistoric times, and is both mentioned and discussed in very early writings.

On this episode, your 4 co-hosts cover a wide range of topics having to do with masturbation. This episode is probably not safe for work, and you may not want to listen with your kids. At least not until after you have had a chance to listen first.

Men and women have vastly different experiences when in comes to masturbation. Boys generally talk or joke about it from an early age. Most women do not discuss it until much later. Also, the age when pleasuring oneself is discovered can vary as well.

Guilt and shame are often experienced by both genders. A lot of this may have to do with religious prohibition on such matters. Getting caught is also a consideration.

We also discuss frequency of masturbation, techniques, dangerous situations, games, toys, and places in which to do it. What’s the deal with porn and imagination?

All this and more on episode 29 of the Soul Forge Podcast. Stay tuned to the end for a fun scene lifted from the movie I Love You, Man.

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