Random updates, general thoughts, Marc Maron’s cats and feedback.

This week Shawn is here to provide you with some much needed updates. He figured it was time to just check it on the situation and fill you in. General chit-chat is never a bad idea!

We start the episode with a mini tribute to Shawn’s uncle Frank who recently passed away at the age of 84. You will get a brief background on Frank and the Vanderloo clan.

Shawn will then talk a bit about work. How is he coping with the recent changes? Does he enjoy his new route? All this and more!

Feedback! The feedback section is the largest part of this week’s episode. You will find out about Marc Maron and his cats. Listeners were really affected by the clip we played of Marc talking about his cats on WTF episode 993. Marc Maron’s Cats!

The Ghosting episode also inspired a lot of people. We received feedback from Karen, Jarman and Richard. Shawn reads those comments and responds to them. And these comments lead to a discussion about podcasts in general, Jarman’s podcast A Play On Nerds, and Shawn’s former podcast, Sci-Fi Waffle.

This week’s podcast promo: ESDCU