Guess who's coming to your computer!!!By Vaneta Rogers, Newsarama Contributor

Jeff Smith’s Cartoon Books, one of the most successful independent publishers in the industry, has joined the growing list of comic book creators going digital thanks to the iPad and comiXology.

Bone and RASL, Smith’s award-winning indie titles, are both now available through comiXology on the iOS, Android and web.

“This is the first time Bone and RASL will be available on the iPad,” Smith told Newsarama late yesterday of the best-selling titles, which he both writes and draws. “We had Bone available for handhelds in the past, but it was very small. This is a whole new thing. And it’s just gorgeous. The iPad experience is… it’s comics. Before it was just kind of a novelty, to tool around on an electronic device.

“But using the iPad, this actually is a comic,” Smith said.

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