Fringe to the CW, maybe?By Trent Moore, Source:

While we wait with bated breath to learn whether Fox will bring the beloved sci-fi drama Fringe back for a fifth season, there’s a new rumor that the show could potentially find second life in an admittedly unlikely place.

We already know the producers have a comic book contingency plan if Fox pulls the plug, TV Guide’s guru Matt Roush has now raised the question of how likely it could be for the show to move to another network. Namely, The CW.

“I’ve begun to wonder if Warner Bros., which produces the show, might turn to one of its primary distribution arms, The CW, to keep Fringe alive for however much of a fifth season they need to wrap things up,” he wrote in his latest column. “(Just speculating here; haven’t heard a thing and wouldn’t necessarily expect it to happen.) One of my favorite aspects of the Fringe experience is watching it reinvent itself every season. I’d love to see it get this last chance.”

It may sound a little farfetched, but it actually makes some sense. Warner Bros. makes the show and has a big stake in The CW, so why not marry the two for an abbreviated final season to make the show more attractive for syndication? Fringe’s ratings on Fox are admittedly low, making it a long shot at most other nets, but if it could pull similar numbers at the struggling CW it could be a bona fide hit.

What do you think? Would you follow the show if it jumped networks?