Home Again! Home Again? Can we go home again?

This week we explore the idea of returning to our roots. The idea of going home again can be very powerful and intoxicating. We must realize, of course, that we are not the people we once were. As time moves on people change. Our homes, even if our family is still living there, are not the same. The structure may be identical, but everyone involved has grown, matured, or changed in some way. So yes, you can go home again, but you need to be aware that everything is different. Your experiences will not be the ones you had before.

The episode is a flow of consciousness type of experiment. Shawn looks back at his life to see how far he has come. There is speculation on what life would be like if Shawn were to return to his home town. Many factors come into play when deciding to make a major life change. Some of these include career path, leaving friends and family, as well as where to live, and the logistics of moving hours away from your base of operations.

Home again! Home again? There are no right answers, however, Shawn has realized he cannot let fear control his decision making any longer.

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