Earth Station One Podcast Ep 301
2016 has already been notable for the constant buzzing of the celebrity death beeper. The ESO crew remembers those we have lost, particularly one man who went by many names and wore many faces. Mike, Mike, Rebecca Perry, and Darren Nowell celebrate the life and career of David Bowie. We also take a break from the gloom to see how many experience points Ben Heisler and Paige Leitman can earn in the Geek Seat, and we chat with Marten Jallad about the upcoming Joelanta & Great Atlanta Toy Convention.

Table of Contents
0:00:00 Show Open Rants and Raves
0:17:42 Interview and Geek Seat w/ Ben Heisler & Paige Reitman
0:42:34 Remembering David Bowie
1:31:00 The Khan Report w/ Marten Jallad
1:48:13 Show Close

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