Yesterday at Dragon Con, there was a moment where I realized I didn’t know where I was going, what I was doing, or even which of the conference hotels I was in — but I was still having a blast. One of the main lessons I’ve learned about Dragon Con is that sometimes you just have to go with the flow. You won’t have the time and/or energy to get to everything you originally planned on, and yes, sometimes you’ll also just simply get lost. 😉 But there’s so much to see and do that it’s easy to find a fun activity or panel, or even just enjoy watching all the cosplayers.

I actually took a little break from the con Sunday morning to go over to the Georgia Aquarium. I had actually been once before a number of years ago, but it’s a really cool aquarium and I enjoyed seeing all the exhibits again. I’m really glad I got there right when it opened, because by the time I left about noon-ish, the aquarium was even more crowded than Dragon Con! 😉

Next, I headed back to the con for Earth Station Who’s panel reflecting on the legacy of the 12th Doctor. Peter Capaldi is actually my second favorite Doctor, right after David Tennant, and it was cool to hear the panelists’ thoughts on his tenure as the Doctor and what their favorite moments of his were.

Then I decided to wander around and take pictures of cosplayers (this is the part where I got lost), and saw some really cool costumes. I saw an awesome “Black Panther” group cosplay (pictured above), the Green Arrow, Iron Man and Captain Marvel, and even “Baby Driver”! Dragon Con has the most percentage of cosplayers of any con I’ve been to, I think.

After I finally figured out where I was, I headed back to the Brit Track room for a Sherlock Holmes panel. I had originally thought it was just going to be a panel on the BBC show “Sherlock,” but it was actually a discussion of all the various interpretations of the character, which turned out to be even more awesome.

I also had my first mishap of Dragon Con (well, two mishaps, actually!). 😉 We had quite an adventure trying to find a place to eat dinner (a lot of places downtown were too packed!). When we finally found a place and got our food, I was so happy to be eating that it tasted the best of any meal I’ve had this week. 😉

Tonight was also the ESO Network recording of the Dragon Con wrap-up podcast. It was really cool to hear everyone’s thoughts on the con, which I can’t believe is already winding down. Everyone has a different Dragon Con experience, and I enjoyed hearing the highlights from different members of the ESO Network.

On my way home from the podcast recording I had that second Dragon Con mishap I mentioned. I got into the hotel elevator, which was mostly full, and it stopped two floors down to pick up some more people. The doors closed and then…nothing happened. Someone started pushing buttons and trying to open the door, but still nothing happened. I had the horrible thought that I might be stuck in this crowded elevator for hours! It didn’t help that another person shared an anecdote about people at Dragon Con being trapped in an elevator for two hours this one time. 😉 Enough time passed for everyone to start getting nervous and uncomfortable, but then the doors magically opened. The elevator hadn’t moved at all, but needless to say, most of us decided to take advantage of this opportunity to jump off and take a different elevator. There were a couple brave souls who decided to stick with the glitching elevator, and I hope they made it downstairs! I wasn’t chancing it! 😉

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