The Cigar Nerds

Cigar Nerds Podcast Episode 33: Shaken Not Stirred. This week out nerds earn our OO status as we take a look back at the career of our most recent James Bond, Daniel Craig. We also help with your holiday shopping in our Cigar Nerd Gift Guide. In Science we talk about the latest in robot bar tending and rescue, animal cloning, and 3d printed cars. In Nerd News we talk about the new Captain America and Batman V Superman Trailers, new Mortal Kombat DLC, and the slave Leia controversy. We also review the Hamlet by Rocky Patel and the Bad Mother Shucker by Abita.

Casino Royal
Quantum of Solace
Bad Muther Shucker
Robot Bartender
Walk Man bot
Attack of the Clones
3D Printed Cars
Captain America
Batman V Superman
Mortal Kombat
Star Wars Ice Cream