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Flopcast 185: The Legend of Turkey Stark

Flopcast episode 185! We’re halfway through our court-ordered ten-episode celebration of the 80s, which means it’s time to talk about 1985. Kornflake has a song by Passion Pit (not from 1985, but still thematically appropriate… well played, Kornflake). Meanwhile Kevin selects the classic Pat Benatar-meets-Supergirl film The Legend of Billie

The Ratchet RetroCast Episode 61 – H.P. RetroCraft

Into the mind of madness! Q and Strangeway plummet along with author Charles R. Rutledge as the Retrocast covers the famed H.P. Lovecraft! This episode is our fill in for missing our usual Halloween special. So grab your Necronomicon and strap in for this hour of H.P Lovecraft lore! Show

Earth Station One Episode 292 – Spectre

James Bond is back! And this time 007 faces his toughest adversary yet – the ESO crew. Mike, Mike, and Nicolas Hoffmann investigate the Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion. Plus, writer John Pence tests his gongfu against our Geek Seat. All this, along with the usual Rants,

Flopcast 184: Chicken Master

Flopcast episode 184! For our 1984-themed episode, Kevin and Kornflake each have a weird TV memory to share. Kornflake recalls DTV, which was Disney Channel’s take on MTV-style music videos. (But where was Billy Ocean? A certain cartoon rodent owes us an apology.) Meanwhile Kevin is still obsessed with The

Earth Station Who Ep 116

Earth Station Who Episode 116 – Sleep No More

Wakey, wakey! Rise and shine! Time for Mike, Mike, and Mary to review the ninth episode of the ninth series. Have some Dramamine ready and if you get dizzy, close your eyes and sit back. The feeling will pass as soon as the podcast is over.

“HILO – The Boy Who Crashed To Earth” Book Review By Ron Fortier

HILO – The Boy Who Crashed To Earth By Judd Winick Random House Children’s Books 193 pages What we have with this charming, wonderfully illustrated hardback book is a marriage between traditional children’s books and your standard graphic novel. Formatted like a comic but capturing the essence of a children’s

Flopcast 183: Of Nena and Nuggets

Flopcast episode 183! This week we’re creeping back to 1983, the year Top 40 radio was totally conquered by goofy new wave. We were blinded with science, rocked down to Electric Avenue, safety danced if we wanted to, and watched 99 red balloons go by. In fact, Kevin’s pick for

The Earth Station One Podcast Episode 291 – Walt Disney World

The ESO crew makes a wish upon a star and goes to the place where dreams come true. Mike, Mike, Darren Nowell, and Cary Gordon board the monorail and discuss their personal magic memories of the most popular entertainment complex in the world. Plus, we challenge the “Interstellar Woman of

ESW Ep 115 - The Zygon Inversion

Earth Station Who Episode 115 – The Zygon Inversion

In the aftermath of last weeks Zygon Invasion, the crew prepares for the Zygon Inversion. Mike, Jen, Mary, and someone we assume is Nicole Mazza of The Terminus Podcast, escape from an exploding plane and come face to face with the real “Truth or Consequences.” Which box did we choose

Earth Station Who Ep 114

Earth Station Who Episode 114 – Invasion of The Zygons

While “Doctor Disco” leaves yet another voice message for his companion, Mike, Mike, Jen, Mary, and Professor Dave ponce about in paranoia over who is a Zygon and who is human. Perhaps they are just victims of those living in a Zygon era.

Flopcast 182: Chaka Khanflake

Flopcast episode 182! Kevin and Kornflake celebrate the year 1982 by discussing a couple of lost Saturday morning cartoons (“Meatballs and Spaghetti” and “Pandamonium”) and an early computer virus (“Elk Cloner”). Scientists are trying to determine which of these 1982 creations has done the most damage over the years. Then

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