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The Earth Station One Podcast Episode 295 – Our Favorite Geek Vehicles

Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed, start your engines and prepare to blast off! Mike, Mike, Mark Holmes, Joe Harris, and Alan J. Porter rave about the top gear of pop culture. Plus, cartoonist Bill Alger meets the menacing Geek Seat! All this, along with the usual Rants, Raves,

Earth Station Who Ep 119

Earth Station Who Episode 119 – Hell Bent

Hell hath no fury like the Doctor scorned! Mike, Mike, Jen, and Mary are joined by animators Alisa Stern and Erin Natal to review the final episode of the ninth series. Unless the prophecy is fulfilled that one of the crew is a half-human, half-puppet hybrid who will destroy the

“The Ministry of Thunder” Book Review By Ron Fortier

THE MINISTRY OF THUNDER By Davide Mana Acheron Books 340 pages Shanghai in 1936 is overrun by foreign agents all vying to align themselves with various political factions they believe will survive the coming global conflict and emerge victorious. Amidst this cauldron of intrigue and espionage, Italian mercenary pilot Felice

Flopcast 187: Hiding Out in Chickentown

Flopcast episode 187! Kevin and Kornflake’s ill-conceived trip back through the 80s brings us to 1987! It was the year Debbie Gibson taught us to shake our love — a practice which is illegal in most states these days. Kornflake reminds us of the 1987 debut of the San Francisco-based

Flopcast 186: Hey Hey We’re the Howler Monkeys

Flopcast episode 186 — this week our excruciating ten-part look at the 80s brings us to 1986! ‘Twas the year we danced on the ceiling, had fun tonight, and were rocked by Amadeus (which explains the headache we’ve had for the last thirty years). Kornflake tells us about the 1986

“BANARAK – Storming the Gates” Book Review By Ron Fortier

BANARAK – Storming the Gates By Van Allen Plexico White Rocket Books and 243 pages This is as yet another action packed adventure taking place in the fictional sci-fi mythology created by Van Allen Plexico call The Shattering. In this mythos, mankind exists in a universe made up of three

Flopcast 185: The Legend of Turkey Stark

Flopcast episode 185! We’re halfway through our court-ordered ten-episode celebration of the 80s, which means it’s time to talk about 1985. Kornflake has a song by Passion Pit (not from 1985, but still thematically appropriate… well played, Kornflake). Meanwhile Kevin selects the classic Pat Benatar-meets-Supergirl film The Legend of Billie

The Ratchet RetroCast Episode 61 – H.P. RetroCraft

Into the mind of madness! Q and Strangeway plummet along with author Charles R. Rutledge as the Retrocast covers the famed H.P. Lovecraft! This episode is our fill in for missing our usual Halloween special. So grab your Necronomicon and strap in for this hour of H.P Lovecraft lore! Show

Earth Station One Episode 292 – Spectre

James Bond is back! And this time 007 faces his toughest adversary yet – the ESO crew. Mike, Mike, and Nicolas Hoffmann investigate the Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion. Plus, writer John Pence tests his gongfu against our Geek Seat. All this, along with the usual Rants,

Flopcast 184: Chicken Master

Flopcast episode 184! For our 1984-themed episode, Kevin and Kornflake each have a weird TV memory to share. Kornflake recalls DTV, which was Disney Channel’s take on MTV-style music videos. (But where was Billy Ocean? A certain cartoon rodent owes us an apology.) Meanwhile Kevin is still obsessed with The

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