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Flopcast 149: Live at MarsCon 2015 – The Flop Game

This week on The Flopcast: Kevin and Kornflake have always secretly dreamed of being Match Game host Gene Rayburn. (Don’t pretend you haven’t too, you weirdo.) And so for our live version of The Flopcast at MarsCon last week, we decided to play “The Flop Game”! We don’t have Charles

Burlesque Atlanta Episode 5 – The March Round Table proclaims “I am Burlesque”

This week’s installment of The Burlesque Atlanta podcast brings us back to Elliott street Deli where the round table talks about beginning of the #IAmBurlesque campaign. Talloolah sits down with The Chameleon Queen, Lola Lesoliel, and Doctor Q to talk about what happened at Lucky Pierre’s and what the aftermath

Earth Station MCU Episode 10 – “Who You Really Are”

There’s a new Daredevil trailer, John has his Lego Quinjet, and Jen is stoked that Marvel is talking about actually marketing toys to girls….and that’s just the beginning! Join Jen and John for the episode that is not actually called “That’s What She Said”; Jen just can’t seem to remember

Ratchet RetroCast Episode 47 – The Disney Retro-Afternoon

Chris, Strangeway, Q and Patrick go bouncing here and there and everywhere as they take a tailspin into The Disney Afternoon! This one is for all the gold in Scrooge’s vault as we relive the 90s and become the terrors that flaps in the…you get the picture. Jump in front

Earth Station One Episode 257 – 2001 / 2010

On this episode, the ESO crew travel back to the year 2001 to journey on a space odyssey of a lifetime and check in on 2010, the year we made contact. Mike, Mike, Mark Holmes, and the award-winning artist Mark Maddox travel through the Star Gate to discover if the

Flopcast 148: Kevin and Luke Don’t Talk About Toons

Kevin and Kornflake are far from Chickentown Studios this week, because it’s time for MarsCon! So instead of a regular show, here’s something special we’ve been saving for you. A few months back, while Kornflake was out of town (or so we thought), Kevin and the great Luke Ski spent

‘Exchange’ review by Ron Fortier

EXCHANGE By Dale R. Cozort Stairway Press 246 pages One of the most favorite sci-fi themes is that of multi-dimensional copies of the same world. The writer posits there are countless versions of our earth all existing simultaneously in other dimensions removed from our own. That’s the core plot foundation

Earth Station MCU Episode 9 – Agents of SHIELD “Aftershocks”

Agents of SHIELD is back! Not only that, we have a new Age of Ultron trailer, news about Daredevil and Luke Cage, a little bit of cosplay chat and….did we mention new SHIELD? Join Jen and John for the All Inhumans, All Day All Night Dance Party!

Earth Station Who Episode 96 – Blink

The ESO crew teams up with Radio Cult to discuss one of the Doctor’s greatest adversaries. So beware! And duck! No really, duck now! Mike, Mike, Ricky and Bambi review one of the most highly regarded episodes of the franchise. It’s so good, you may never want to look away.

Earth Station One Episode 256 – Cosplay / Crossplay and Cons

Conventions are billed as events where folks of all kinds can gather and celebrate something they love without judgement. However, is that always the case? Mike, Mike, Darren Nowell, and Sabrina Pandora take a personal look at sexual discrimination in fandom. We also chat with Marten Jallad talks about Joelanta

Earth Station MCU Episode 8 – Valediction

Agent Carter covered a lot of ground in eight episodes, and the final episode had to finish out the story arc as well as tying up a lot of loose ends. In addition to reviewing Peggy’s final story, Jen, John and Mike talk about what’s coming up next on SHIELD,

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