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Flopcast 170: Boston Comic Con 2015 – I Was Juggled

It’s another Flopcast convention report, this time from Boston Comic Con! (Official convention motto: “Let’s see how many Harley Quinns we can squish into one building!” It sounds better in the original Latin.) There were comic books aplenty, of course, including at least one amoeba-themed mini-comic. (Say goodbye to the

CasterQuest Ep14: “The Name of the Wind” Ch13-17- The Wrong Sort of Songs

Mandy and Erin are reunited and return to cover “The Name of the Wind”Book Club Chapters 13 through 17. In this episode: Kvothe says goodbye to Ben, and then comes face-to-face with the fabled Chandrian, with tragic results. Someone’s parents have been singing entirely the wrong sort of songs. The

The Earth Station One Podcast Episode 277 – Connery, Sean Connery

The ESO crew takes a look at the charismatic Scottish actor who thrilled audiences whether his character was Irish, English, Russian, American, Moroccan, Greek and even and Egyptian with a Spanish name. Mike, Mike, Jason De La Torre, and Drew Meyer examine Connery’s career from his work with leprechauns to

The ESO 2015 DragonCon Khan Report Ep 7

The ESO 2015 DragonCon Khan Report Episode 7

Behold, the penultimate pre-Dragon Con 2015 report! Mike, Mike, Darren, and Mary Lou Who update you on the latest news and four track directors make their ESO debut. Costuming Track Director Lee Cox, Silk Road Track Director Kira Lang, Apocalypse Rising Track Director Shannon Chestnut, and Science Fiction Literature Track

The Ratchet RetroCast Episode 51 – Beyond RetroDome

We are back! Joining Q and Strangeway is our new co-host Mark Curtis! This trio dives into the origins of the classic wasteland character: Mad Max! Learn how Max really became mad, and his journey through the post nuclear fallout Australia. Hear how Tina Turner gave us one liners that

Flopcast 169: Bird Church

We have an extra-short, extra-goofy show this week, because Kool and the Gang were right: it’s TOO HOT. (Of course, Kool and the Gang were always right. So bring your good times and your laughter too, or suffer the consequences.) In honor of National Watermelon Day, we recall the good

‘Sherlock Holmes: Blood to the Bone’ Review By Ron Fortier

SHERLOCK HOLMES Blood to the Bone By Andrew Salmon A Fight Card book. 89 pages Among today’s writers of New Pulp fiction, two men have risen to the top of their generation’s class in writing new Sherlock Holmes mysteries. One of these is Canadian Andrew Salmon, the other is British

Metal Geeks 80: Space City Con Geekery

Join us on our adventure into Space City Con which happened in Houston Texas July 24 – 26, as your host, Cary the Metal Geek, and the voice from the other room, aka Riverdragon169 aka the wife check out the show, do some interviews, and host an impromptu Podcast recording

‘Devouring Wind’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

DEVOURING WIND (Book Two of the Exchange) By Dale Cozort Available at Amazon 235 pages In book one of this series, a huge portion of Illinois was transplanted to an alien world and vice versa. The people, who chose to remain on that other, more hostile world, tagged it Bear

Earth Station Who Ep 103

Earth Station Who Episode 103 – Mark of the Rani

Thanks to you the listeners, Mike, Mike, Jen, and Mary travel to the 19th century to see the debut of the Rani, and this two-part Sixth Doctor story certainly leaves its mark. Plus, Mike and Mike share stories from the wonderful weekend that was Con Kasterborous.

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