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Timestamp: Series Six Summary

Doctor Who Series Six Summary Matt Smith’s sophomore series was about the same as the previous round. The Moffat formula remains intact here, approaching a season-spanning threat while maintaining an adventure-of-the-week format. This version made the threat more personal by focusing on the Doctor’s impending death, the pursuit of Amy

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Timestamp #232: Space/Time & Night and the Doctor

Doctor Who: Space/Time Doctor Who: Night and the Doctor (7 episodes, Comic Relief and Home Video Specials, 2011) Wrapping up some loose ends with the time travelers’ dating game run amok! Space Set between The Big Bang and The Impossible Astronaut, we begin with our travelers fixing the TARDIS in

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Timestamp #231: The Wedding of River Song

Doctor Who: The Wedding of River Song (1 episode, s06e13, 2011) A wedding, two funerals, and a question. Prequel A digital clock flickers on a computer screen, bouncing between 05:02:57 PM and 05:02:58 PM. Two soldiers patrol the corridors in Area 52, looking into supposedly empty tanks on their rounds.

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Timestamp Special #12: Death is the Only Answer

Doctor Who: Death is the Only Answer (1 episode, Doctor Who Confidential Special, 2011) The Doctor meets one of the greatest physicists of our time. The Doctor celebrates the acquisition of a new fez formerly owned by his old friend Albert Einstein. He trips, knocking the fez out of his

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Timestamp #230: Closing Time

Doctor Who: Closing Time (1 episode, s06e12, 2011) Here to help! At the Sanderson & Grainger store in Colchester, Kelly and Shona prepare to close up for the night. Kelly is late for a date, so Shona offers to take her duties. Shona is perturbed that a customer is still

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Timestamp #229: The God Complex

Doctor Who: The God Complex (1 episode, s06e11, 2011) The Doctor meets The Shining. Policewoman Lucy Hayward roams the halls of what appears to be a 1980s vintage hotel. Each room she checks holds a manifestation of a fear, and the visitors must wander the halls until they find their

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Timestamp #228: The Girl Who Waited

Doctor Who: The Girl Who Waited (1 episode, s06e10, 2011) A moral choice reveals the core of Amy and Rory’s relationship. The Doctor takes Rory and Amy to Apalapucia, a resort planet voted the number two place to visit for an intergalactic traveler. They are there because everyone goes to

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Timestamp: Torchwood Series Four Summary

Torchwood: Miracle Day (Series Four) Summary Torchwood‘s fourth series was a train wreck. The concept was pretty interesting – a supernatural event that eliminates death, driven by shadow elements and political conspiracies, and an exploration of how it affects the world – but the execution cut the concept’s hamstrings. One

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Timestamp #TW42: Web of Lies

Torchwood: Web of Lies (Motion Comic Special, 2011) Just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. Missing Day – 2007: The setting is Cardiff as Jack and Gwen chase a shadowy figure across the rooftops of the city. Gwen loses site of Jack for a

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Timestamp #TW41: The Blood Line

Torchwood: The Blood Line (1 episode, s04e10, 2011) Everything changes… back. Gwen stares out the window and relates a story about the day that her father was accused of thievery. Young Gwen offered to help pay back the money, but her dad taught her a lesson about impressions and honesty.

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Timestamp #227: Night Terrors

Doctor Who: Night Terrors (1 episode, s06e09, 2011) The Doctor makes a house call. It’s nighttime and time for little George to go to bed. Unfortunately, he’s afraid to do so. His mom flips the lights five times to ward off evil and tells the boy to put his fears

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Timestamp #TW40: The Gathering

Torchwood: The Gathering (1 episode, s04e09, 2011) Two months later… Really? Two months? With a critically wounded Jack, a world full of overflow “death” camps, and a planetary economic crash? Times are tough enough that Gwen smashes a car into a local pharmacy, sparing enough time for a stranger to

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