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Timestamp #TW41: The Blood Line

Torchwood: The Blood Line (1 episode, s04e10, 2011) Everything changes… back. Gwen stares out the window and relates a story about the day that her father was accused of thievery. Young Gwen offered to help pay back the money, but her dad taught her a lesson about impressions and honesty.

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Timestamp #227: Night Terrors

Doctor Who: Night Terrors (1 episode, s06e09, 2011) The Doctor makes a house call. It’s nighttime and time for little George to go to bed. Unfortunately, he’s afraid to do so. His mom flips the lights five times to ward off evil and tells the boy to put his fears

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Timestamp #TW40: The Gathering

Torchwood: The Gathering (1 episode, s04e09, 2011) Two months later… Really? Two months? With a critically wounded Jack, a world full of overflow “death” camps, and a planetary economic crash? Times are tough enough that Gwen smashes a car into a local pharmacy, sparing enough time for a stranger to

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Timestamp #226: Let’s Kill Hitler

Doctor Who: Let’s Kill Hitler (1 episode, s06e08, 2011) Hello, sweetie. Prequel A phone rings as the TARDIS is in flight. The answering machine picks up and Amy leaves a message. As the camera pans across the console and the dark control room, Amy asks if the Doctor will fulfill

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Timestamp #TW39: End of the Road

Torchwood: End of the Road (1 episode, s04e08, 2011) We finally start unraveling the twisted web. After the showdown, Olivia takes the Torchwood team to Nevada. Esther remains outside while Jack, Gwen, and Rex are taken to meet Angelo Colasanto, Olivia’s grandfather. Angelo has devoted his entire life in pursuit

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Timestamp #TW38: Immortal Sins

Torchwood: Immortal Sins (1 episode, s04e07, 2011) It’s time for a history lesson. Ellis Island, New York, in the 1920s: A man posing as Jack Harkness attempts to scam his way through immigration. He’s stopped by the real deal, but Jack visits him in jail anyways. The thief’s name is

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Timestamp #TW37: The Middle Men

Torchwood: The Middle Men (1 episode, s04e06, 2011) One truth is out, but more mysteries remain. At PhiCorp Los Angeles, Stuart Owens and his secretary Janet are working late. On the television, the news is talking about the “45 Club,” a group of people who believe that jumping from greater

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Timestamp #TW36: The Categories of Life

Torchwood: The Categories of Life (1 episode, s04e05, 2011) Miracles breed atrocities. In Washington, D.C., Vera Juarez is told that the medical panels have ended. A report has been submitted to Congress and the new categories of life have been enacted. People in Categories 1 and 2 are sent to

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Timestamp #TW35: Escape to L.A.

Torchwood: Escape to L.A. (1 episode, s04e04, 2011) Assassins and espionage try to cover for a lack of story. Despite Gwen’s warnings, Esther decides to visit her sister Sarah. The house is boarded up and the door is guarded by a series of locks, but Sarah is at home. Sarah

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Timestamp #TW34: Dead of Night

Torchwood: Dead of Night (1 episode, s04e03, 2011) The people of Earth have nothing and everything to lose. Late at night, Brian Friedkin finds that his television is not only turned on, but that it’s also tuned to an Oswald Danes interview. When he switches it off, he is confronted

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Timestamp #TW33: Rendition

Torchwood: Rendition (1 episode, s04e02, 2011) Airborne chemistry and conspiracies abound! The Torchwood team is escorted to Heathrow. Rex takes the vortex manipulator and dismisses Rhys and Anwen before forcefully loading the team on a waiting plane. The CIA is involved as well since both the United States and Britain

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Timestamp #TW32: The New World

Torchwood: The New World (1 episode, s04e01, 2011) Who are they? Torchwood. Early in the morning, absolutely despicable child rapist/killer Oswald Danes is scheduled for execution by lethal injection. He refuses to make a final statement and the injections begin. Danes convulses violently. At the CIA, Esther Drummond is seeing

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