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Timestamp #271: The Husbands of River Song

Doctor Who: The Husbands of River Song (1 episode, Christmas Special, 2015) Farewell, Professor. Christmas Day, 5343, on the human colony of Mendorax Dellora brings a man named Nardole to the TARDIS. He was sent there with a handwritten note but is rebuffed by the Doctor wearing costume antlers. Nardole

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Timestamp #270: Heaven Sent & Hell Bent

Doctor Who: Heaven Sent Doctor Who: Hell Bent (2 episodes, s09e11-12, 2015) The conflict runs strong with this pair. Heaven Sent Gears turn as a figure walks through a chamber. This figure flips a switch with bloody hands and collapses into dust as the Doctor materializes inside a teleporter chamber.

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Timestamp #269: Face the Raven

Doctor Who: Face the Raven (1 episode, s09e10, 2015) Doctor Clara has consequences. The Doctor and Clara return from an amazing adventure when they get a phone call from Rigsy. He has found a mysterious tattoo on his neck and it’s counting down. The travelers arrive at his home and

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Timestamp #268: Sleep No More

Doctor Who: Sleep No More (1 episode, s09e09, 2015) “You must not watch this.” Professor Gagan Rassmussen introduces a video that he has assembled that details strange goings-on aboard the Le Verrier space station. What follows is a found footage-style episode with a unique title sequence. We first meet Chopra,

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Timestamp #267: The Zygon Invasion & The Zygon Inversion

Doctor Who: The Zygon Invasion Doctor Who: The Zygon Inversion (2 episodes, s09e07-08, 2015) Best. Speech. Ever. The Zygon Invasion Once upon a time, there were three Doctors, two Osgoods, and one treaty. Those two Osgoods represent Operation Double, the peace treaty with the Zygons. Twenty million Zygons have asylum

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Timestamp #266: The Girl Who Died & The Woman Who Lived

Doctor Who: The Girl Who Died Doctor Who: The Woman Who Lived (2 episodes, s09e05-06, 2015) Who really wants to live forever? The Girl Who Died Clara is floating in space. She is stranded while the Doctor deals with an attack by the Velosians and something is crawling around in

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Timestamp #265: Under the Lake & Before the Flood

Doctor Who: Under the Lake Doctor Who: Before the Flood (2 episodes, s09e03-04, 2015) A creepy twisty time travel tale. Under the Lake In the year 2119, Captain Jonathan Moran records a private journal entry. He is the leader of an underwater mining facility in Caithness, Scotland known as the

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Timestamp #264: The Magician’s Apprentice & The Witch’s Familiar

Doctor Who: The Magician’s Apprentice Doctor Who: The Witch’s Familiar (2 episodes, s09e01-02, 2015) Courting death with Daleks. Prologue The Doctor arrives at Karn and discusses the nature of friends and enemies with Ohila, the leader of the Sisterhood. The Doctor has an invitation to meet with an unnamed individual,

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Timestamp: Series Eight Summary

Doctor Who Series Eight Summary Peter Capaldi’s freshman series was a mixed bag. The Twelfth Doctor marked a significant shift in the franchise, re-introducing the alien quality and emotional distance to the main character that existed in the classic era and the Ninth Doctor’s single season. We were also treated

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Timestamp #263: Last Christmas

Doctor Who: Last Christmas (1 episode, Christmas Special, 2014) And to all a rushed denouement. ‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. On the roof, however, the sound of a crashing sleigh and untethered reindeer awaken Clara Oswald.

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Timestamp #262: Dark Water & Death in Heaven

Doctor Who: Dark Water Doctor Who: Death in Heaven (2 episodes, s08e11-12, 2014) A long-lost friend returns. Dark Water Clara is ready to confess her travels with the Doctor to Danny. She’s left Post-It notes around to remind her of everything she wants to say, but she starts with “I

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Timestamp #261: In the Forest of the Night

Doctor Who: In the Forest of the Night (1 episode, s08e10, 2014) Forest conservation saves the world. A schoolgirl runs through a forest in search of a doctor. Instead, she finds the TARDIS. When he answers the door, the Doctor finds himself among trees instead of in London (where he

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