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Timestamp #150: Delta and the Bannermen

Doctor Who: Delta and the Bannermen (3 episodes, s24e09-e11, 1987)   Not quite the Happiest Place on Earth, but Shangri-La nonetheless. The story drops all of us right into the thick of things with a huge battle on an alien planet. On the high ground is a squad with extensive

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Timestamp #149: Paradise Towers

Doctor Who: Paradise Towers (4 episodes, s24e05-e08, 1987)   “Nothing’s just rubbish if you have an inquiring mind.” On one hand, we have the typical ’80s grunge-apocalypse sci-fi with a woman on the run. On the other hand, Mel and a swimming pool paradise. The TARDIS arrives at the former,

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Timestamp #148: Time and the Rani

Doctor Who: Time and the Rani (4 episodes, s24e01-e04, 1987)   TARDIS under attack! In a rare pre-credits sequence, a rather well-done for the era computer-generated TARDIS topples tail over teakettle, leaving the Sixth Doctor and Mel unconscious on the floor of the console room. On Lakertya, the planet below,

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Timestamp Special #6: A Fix with Sontarans

Doctor Who: A Fix with Sontarans (1 episode, 1985)   It’s one last brief stop with Colin Baker before jumping back on the canon timeline. Starting with a little bit of history, this is a segment of the popular British television show Jim’ll Fix It. The premise is that children

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Timestamp Special #5: Real Time

Doctor Who: Real Time (6 episodes, 2002)   It seems appropriate to visit the one visual Big Finish Sixth Doctor tale after saying farewell to Colin Baker’s live-action television portrayal. After a brief reprise of the Third Doctor‘s opening credits, we are reintroduced to the Cybermen as they search the

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Timestamp: Twenty-Third Series and Sixth Doctor Summary

Doctor Who: Twenty-Third Series and Sixth Doctor Summary The Trial of a Time Lord   It was a decent defense against an indictment of the franchise. After the Twenty-Second Series, it was hard to imagine where Doctor Who could go. It was presumably harder to fall further, but the loss

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Timestamp #147: The Ultimate Foe

Doctor Who: The Ultimate Foe The Trial of a Time Lord, Parts XIII-XIV (2 episodes, s23e13-e14, 1986)   It’s time for closing statements. Picking up at the Doctor’s inadvertent admission of genocide, the Doctor charges that the Matrix has been tampered with so the Inquisitor calls upon the Keeper of

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Timestamp #146: Terror of the Vervoids

Doctor Who: Terror of the Vervoids The Trial of a Time Lord, Parts IX-XII (4 episodes, s23e09-e12, 1986)   The Doctor is given a brief recess to mourn Peri’s death before given the privilege of his own defense. This episode of Time Lord Theater delves into the Doctor’s future. The

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Timestamp #145: Mindwarp

Doctor Who: Mindwarp The Trial of a Time Lord, Parts V-VIII (4 episodes, s23e05-e08, 1986)   “May I remind you this is a court of law, not a debating society for maladjusted psychotic sociopaths.” The trial continues as the Valeyard and the Doctor continue bashing heads. The Inquisitor scores the

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Timestamp #144: The Mysterious Planet

Doctor Who: The Mysterious Planet The Trial of a Time Lord, Parts I-IV (4 episodes, s23e01-e04, 1986)   Changes about with a darker theme tune and intricate model and special effects work. The same old creepy smiling intro remains a constant. Swimming in effects is the TARDIS, drawn off course into

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Timestamp: Twenty-Second Series Summary

Doctor Who: Twenty-Second Series Summary   A stunning and sharp decline. The Sixth Doctor’s full opening set was the lowest of any run to date in the Timestamps Project. After a promising start with Attack of the Cybermen and average adventures with Vengeance on Varos and The Mark of the Rani,

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Timestamp #143: Revelation of the Daleks

Doctor Who: Revelation of the Daleks (2 episodes, s22e12-e13, 1985)   A swing and a miss at an abusive Doctor’s last at-bat this inning. Peri and the Doctor arrive on the snow-covered vista that is Necros. They are both wearing blue – the Doctor has a blue and gold cloak

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