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Timestamp #142: Timelash

Doctor Who: Timelash (2 episodes, s22e10-e11, 1985)   A less than stellar kiss with history. The Doctor and Peri are on their way to the constellation of Andromeda (or possibly the Eye of Orion) for a holiday, of which the Sixth Doctor seems to take many. Their transit – and

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Timestamp #141: The Two Doctors

Doctor Who: The Two Doctors (3 episodes, s22e07-e09, 1985)   The triumph of The Five Doctors brought Icarus too close to the sun. Starting in black and white the Second Doctor and Jamie McCrimmon in their TARDIS – although, that’s not the right console – the adventure phases into color as

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Timestamp #140: The Mark of the Rani

Doctor Who: The Mark of the Rani (2 episodes, s22e05-e06, 1985)   A peaceful, hard-working existence at a mining village meets a trio of Time Lords. This story has a fast launch out of the gate. A group of miners head for the relaxation of the local bathhouse, but they

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Timestamp #139: Vengeance on Varos

Doctor Who: Vengeance on Varos (2 episodes, s22e03-e04, 1985)   It’s a hit-and-miss meta-adventure. On a rocky red planet dominated by domes, a chained man is being tortured on television. Arak and Etta, our court jesters representing the common man in this play, complain about their mandatory entertainment choices, compulsory

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Timestamp #138: Attack of the Cybermen

Doctor Who: Attack of the Cybermen (2 episodes, s22e01-e02, 1985)   After some time off, the Doctor has gotten better. The adventure begins with two unfortunate sewer workers who find a shiny new brick wall where one should not be. One of them investigates, but the other is attacked by

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Timestamp: Twenty-First Series and Fifth Doctor Summary

Doctor Who: Twenty-First Series and Fifth Doctor Summary   It’s an unfortunate ending to an era. The Fifth Doctor’s three series run did not perform well in comparison to the rest of the franchise so far, and that’s disappointing considering how much potential the character had. It wasn’t terrible, but

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Timestamp #137: The Twin Dilemma

Doctor Who: The Twin Dilemma (4 episodes, s21e21-e24, 1984)   He’s the Doctor, whether we like it or not. After some updated and more colorful credits, we find two twins are playing a game of space backgammon. They are named Romulus and Remus, which is a bit on the nose.

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Timestamp #136: The Caves of Androzani

Doctor Who: The Caves of Androzani (4 episodes, s21e17-e20, 1984)   Davison deserved better. The TARDIS arrives in a dry lake bed on Androzani Minor. After a small bout of exploration, Peri and the Doctor question the presence of motor vehicle tracks on an otherwise desolate planet and decide to

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Timestamp #135: Planet of Fire

Doctor Who: Planet of Fire (4 episodes, s21e13-e16, 1984)   It’s a strange mashup between a primitive religion theme and an unstoppable menace. Crossing a barren volcanic landscape, two men in tattered clothes offer up a distinctly Middle Eastern vibe. The cross cuts to two other men discussing matters of

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Timestamp #134: Resurrection of the Daleks

Doctor Who: Resurrection of the Daleks (2 episodes, s21e11-e12, 1984)   This story gets dark fast and leaves a lot of room to think in the end. In a disused modern day alley, several men in anachronistic costumes run from police officers and their machine pistols. When the runners (and

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Timestamp #133: Frontios

Doctor Who: Frontios (4 episodes, s21e07-e10, 1984)   Base under siege… again. An expedition is studying minerals underground when the mine shaft collapses around them, killing the team (and colony) leader, Captain Revere. Chief Orderly Brazen, head of security for the colony, swears the remaining members to secrecy. His scientific

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Timestamp #132: The Awakening

Doctor Who: The Awakening (2 episodes, s21e05-e06, 1984)   A new adventure starts by showing us that “it’s just a joke” often isn’t. A schoolteacher named Jane Hampden is being harassed by English civil war re-enactors. She thinks they’ve taken things too far, but Sir George and his band blow

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