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Flopcast 429: Caddyshack II – A Turkeytar of a Sequel

Flopcast episode 429! Because we’re idiots, last summer we forced ourselves to watch all the Meatballs sequels. (There were three, which felt like three hundred.) So this week, continuing the theme of disappointing follow-ups to classic Bill Murray movies, we finally watched all the Caddyshack sequels. (There was just one, which somehow also felt

But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy Episode 14: A masked knight and Christmas in July

But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy Episode 14 is here! Martha talks about The Knight of The Laughing Tree (Game of Thrones) and Brittany celebrates Christmas in July, talking about the classic Christmas song ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside.’ But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy on Podbean! But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy on

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Flopcast 428: Like Lyft, But For Chickens

Flopcast episode 428! A mysterious package arrived at the studio, and now we’re the proud (?) owners of a Teen Beat 1981 Calendar magazine. You can read it like a magazine (and learn all about Gary Coleman) or hang it on the wall like a calendar (and spend an entire month staring

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Flopcast 427: Lilith Fair FlopFight Part 2 – Pitfalls, Cages, and Bees

Flopcast episode 427! It’s the conclusion of our latest silly tournament, as we randomly draw more Lilith Fair performers to compete in more stupid events. (For example, would Sheryl Crow or Jewel be a better Lyft driver? We have the definitive answer.) Last week, your Lilith queen Sarah McLachlan was

But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy Episode 12: Death and Conspiracy in Nerd Life

But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy Episode 12! Martha talks about why death is meaningless in Comics, and Brittany talks about some of the most fun conspiracies in a classic: Pokémon! But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy on Podbean! But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy on Instagram! Please rate and review But First,

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Flopcast 426: Lilith Fair FlopFight Part 1 – Coffee Manicure

Flopcast episode 426! The 2020s have been, uh, less than delightful so far. So let’s go back to the 1990s, and back to the Lilith Fair, for another ridiculous FlopFight tournament! We’re randomly drawing the names of Lilith Fair performers, and debating how they would fare in various stupid competitions.

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Flopcast 425: How to Be a Better Nerd

Flopcast episode 425! Longtime friends of the Flopcast Brittany and Martha are back this week, as we officially announce that their podcast But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy is now part of the ESO Network! We catch up on life in Las Vegas during the pandemic (Kevin escaped just in time),

But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy 10: Happy Pride Month

But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy Episode 10! Our first episode as part of the ESO Network! In celebration of Pride Month we are talking about some of our favorite Queer characters! Martha talks about the overall Queerness of Sailor Moon. And Brittany talks about the Power Couple of Riverdale: Choni.

The Flopcast

Flopcast 424: Kornflake Loves the 90s

Flopcast episode 424! Last week Kevin listed his ten favorite albums from the 1980s, year by ridiculous year. So this week it’s Kornflake’s turn, with an album list from the 1990s! (You may not remember the 90s very well. You were so goofed up on Crystal Pepsi back then.) It’s

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