Kevin Eldridge

Flopcast 535 School House Rock Interjections WOW girl

Flopcast 535: Giant Zombie Wrestler Yacht Rock

Flopcast episode 535! It’s a super-short super-silly summer show! Kevin is exhausted and weirdly terrified of movie trailers; Kornflake is baking and flopping on a hammock; it’s Book Lovers Day, and our friends are writing too many really good books; we’re preparing for DragonCon with School House Rock and Electra

Flopcast 534 Bewitched

Flopcast 534: The Stupid TV Comic Book Game – Kornflake vs. Coin

Flopcast episode 534! Over the years, there have been more comic book series based on TV shows than you’d think. Back in the 60s, if your newsstand was sold out of Batman comics, you could still read My Favorite Martian or Petticoat Junction comics, you lucky kid. This week we’re diving into the weird world of

Flopcast 533 Taylor Dayne

Flopcast 533: Just Like Chicken Joe

Flopcast episode 533! Taylor Dayne is still telling it to our hearts; Maya Rudolph is a Rental; West Virginia is overrun by surfing chickens; and thanks to the DragonCon American Sci-Fi Classics Track, Mork and Mindy are now soldiers of fortune. It’s a short show, but it’s a goofy show.

Flopcast 532 Tina the Robot from Buck Rogers

Flopcast 532: Sci-Fi Robot Explosion

Flopcast episode 532! It’s the middle of stupid summer, so here in Chickentown, it’s time for more hot robot talk. But we’ve turned our annual robot-themed Top 4 ½ List over to a special guest: it’s Chris, creator of the wonderful show Sci-Fi Explosion! (Having someone else make the robot

Flopcast 531 Remote Control MTV game show

Flopcast 531: Kornflake Wasn’t Like the Other Kids

Flopcast episode 531! We’re talking about the goofy MTV game show Remote Control, because recently we got to play it! Not the MTV version, but the (also goofy) home game version! We played Remote Control live online with our pals at the DragonCon American Sci-Fi Classics Track, and you can watch

Flopcast 530 Bananarama

Flopcast 530: That is a Meatball

Flopcast episode 530! One more concert report, this time on a fine evening of synthpop and rock from Freezepop, Carissa Johnson, The Daylilies, and Telelectrix! (We were lurking in the corner, hiding behind a Sleestak mask, but we were there.) And the rest of the episode is also quite musical,

BFLTN 73 Black Cat and Northstar

But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy Episode 73: 3rd Annual Pride Episode!

But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy Episode 73! Yes, it’s our third annual Pride episode, just in time! (Sorry, it’s a little long. We couldn’t split it into two shows because June is almost over…) Brittany is talking about Spider-Man’s favorite antihero Black Cat, and Martha is talking about Alpha Flight’s

Flopcast 529 Dan Aykroyd and the bass o matic

Flopcast 529: How Can We Flop When Our Earth Is Turning?

Flopcast episode 529! It’s another concert report, because legendary Australian band Midnight Oil came to Boston. Find out if their beds are still burning, if frontman Peter Garrett is still very tall and very bald, and why we expected to be crushed by an anvil during the show. Also: Happy

Flopcast 528 Kraftwerk

Flopcast 528: Regret Every Minute

Flopcast episode 528! We have a special concert report this week, because the pioneering German electropop band Kraftwerk came to Boston! Kevin was there, wearing official Kraftwerk 3-D glasses, because this was not a normal show. We also recall the time Kornflake saw a very different German act in Boston

Flopcast 527 Spice Girls

Flopcast 527: Flopthumping

We just noticed that 1997 was a quarter century ago, so we thought we’d celebrate with a FlopFight tournament of 1997 pop songs. (It’s not quite an official FlopFight; we’ve relaxed the rules a bit, because we’re sleepy.) The competing songs are a mix of pure pop (Spice Girls, Hanson),

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