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Flopcast 493 The Facts of Life

Flopcast 493: The Backs of Life 6 – Graduation

Flopcast episode 493! We just can’t stop reviewing “backdoor pilot” episodes of The Facts of Life, so here we go again. This time Blair and Jo are graduating from Eastland, and perhaps this could have led to a spinoff series set at nearby Langley College. It didn’t, of course, but it’s

Flopcast 492

Flopcast 492: Angry Frankenberry Fan Mail

Flopcast episode 492! Just a silly mix of subjects this week, including: The new Monster Mash cereal (we might not eat it, but we still love it), Kornflake’s concert report on Lindsey Stirling (she plays the violin while hanging upside down blindfolded; what more do you want?), Daryl Hall’s birthday,


But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy Episode 61: Stay Away From Log Trucks

Episode 61 continues the spooky: Brittany talks about the Cecil Hotel and Martha talks about the Final Destination movie franchise. TRIGGER WARNING: Brittany’s segment involves real death, murder, suicide, and mental health. You may choose to skip ahead to Martha’s segment, which starts at the 51 minute mark. But First,

Flopcast 491

Flopcast 491: My Home Is Not In Woonsocket

Flopcast episode 491! Our friend Kevin Cafferty is back for a Top 4 ½ List dedicated to our favorite weird city: Woonsocket, Rhode Island! Both Kevin and Kevin (lot of Kevins on the show this week) spent way too much time in Woonsocket back in the 80s, and remember it

Flopcast 490 yondu

Flopcast 490: Whistle While You Flop

Flopcast episode 490! The subject of today’s Top 4 ½ List is, uh, whistling. We’re still not sure why. But it’s a fun list, including a classic TV theme song, a Bangles song, a bizarre Boston clown, a Muppet, a Guardian of the Galaxy, and lots more whistling weirdness. (We

Flopcast 489

Flopcast 489: I Want My Dolphin TV

Flopcast episode 489! Our ten-part celebration of the 80s concludes, just as the 80s did, with 1989. Top 40 radio was ruled by Milli Vanilli, the New Kids, and hair metal. It was a problem. But at least we had telepathic Australian dolphins, thanks to Kornflake’s favorite short-lived TV show, Dolphin


But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy Episode 60: LET’S GET SPOOKY

But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy Episode 60! Spooky season is here! Martha and Brittany kick it off by talking about Tales from the Crypt and Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction. But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy on Instagram! Please rate and review But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy on Apple Podcasts! But

Flopcast 488 Qbert

Flopcast 488: DragonCon 2021 – Beware of Sleestak

Kevin and the Mayor of Chickentown are back from Atlanta with a full report on DragonCon, where they joined all the masked and vaccinated nerds for a long silly Labor Day weekend. They had a busy schedule of panels, presentations, and events, and our discussion includes: The Suicide Squad, Smallville, Doctor Who, Pennyworth, DragonCon

Flopcast 487 out of this world

Flopcast 487: 21 Flop Street

Our ten-part celebration of the 80s brings us back to 1987 this week. For most of us, 1987 means Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise… and that’s all. But the year had even more to offer, if you poke around enough. So first we take a quick look at


But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy Episode 59: DragonCon Edition

But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy Episode 59! Martha and Brittany are sitting out Dragoncon this year. But just in time for the first day of DragonCon, this episode is about why DragonCon is so special! But First, Let’s Talk Nerdy on Instagram! Please rate and review But First, Let’s Talk

Flopcast 486 Enik

Flopcast 486: DragonCon Preview – You’re Weird and We Missed You

Flopcast episode 486! DragonCon, our very favorite annual gathering of the geeks, was a virtual-only event last year. But this year we’re creeping back down to Atlanta and doing it for real! It’ll be (mostly) business as usual: five days of nonstop panels, concerts, gaming, costumes, and all manner of

Flopcast 485

Flopcast 485: Spladunking in 1985

Flopcast episode 485! Our ten-episode salute to the 80s creeps along with a quick look at the pop chart from this week in 1985! Dire Straits were computer-animated movers, Phil Collins was an Ocasek-style housefly, Wham met a weird kid in China, and Casey Kasem was very angry about the

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