I was born in 1980 and have lived from one end of the country to the other. Currently I reside in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin with my wife and 2 daughters. I can’t remember a point in time when I wasn’t watching Star Trek or the Star Wars trilogy but my life was changed forever when I was introduced to Doctor Who in 1985 and that remains my primary fandom. In 1993, the Fox X-Men cartoon introduced me to Marvel comics and having three of my letters printed in various Marvel mags left me a permanent Marvel Zombie as well as QNS (Quite ‘Nuff Sayer) as well as a TTB (Titanic True Believer). In later years I also became a big fan of Babylon 5 as well as Japanese animation. These days with my scarce free time I try to maintain my hobbies of swimming, reading any sci-fi or fantasy novels I can get, retro gaming, or researching the history and inspiration for any of my fandoms. I can be found semi-regularly on the podcasts “Shauncastic” and “The Revcast” and have made an occasional contribution to Earth Station Who and the Earth Station one podcast.
Star Trek Picard Season One

The 42cast Episode 139: Old Man Picard

For many Star Trek: Discovery was a welcome return to the Trek universe for fans who’d wanted a Star Trek TV series for years. However, the series remained divisive with many long-term fans refusing to watch the series. Enter Star Trek: Picard a series meant to catapult the Star Trek

Superman and Lois Season One

The 42cast Episode 138: Cutting Edge

Last year a new series took the Arrowverse by storm. That series was Superman and Lois. Although the character of Superman has been adapted numerous times in numerous media, this series broke the mold by focusing on Superman and Lois as parents of teenage children. Along the way superhuman threats

Mothra Poster

The 42cast Episode 137: 60 Years of Mothra

Sixty years ago, a queen descended onto movie theaters and has been with us ever since. Mothra is unique among Toho’s Kaijuverse in that she’s depicted as both female and altruistic. In this episode we discuss Mothra’s various appearances and how she relates to other Kaiju. We also talk about

Marvel's The Eternals

The 42cast Episode 136: Deviant Logic

It’s time for us to make a jump to the left as Marvel has brought us a story featuring a different kind of character previously unknown in the MCU. In this episode we review Marvel’s Eternals. We talk about the concept and how it fits into the MCU. We also

The Mandalorian Season 2

The 42cast Episode 135: Childhood’s End

Before Disney announced approximately 312 new Star Wars series that would debut at some point on Disney+, they gave us The Mandalorian. The Mandalorian ticked all of our boxes in season 1, providing compelling drama in fun innovative ways that only Star Wars can. In this season they built on

Lost in Space Season 2

The 42cast Episode 134: Metal Breakdown

Lost in Space is returning to Netflix, so The 42cast is bringing its discussion of season 2 to your ears. In this episode we discuss Penny growing up, Dr Smith’s ambiguity, party balance, and the potential of a chicken-eye-view episode. Along the way we discuss family drama, killer robots, and

Coat of Arms

The 42cast Episode 133: Get to Know the Cast

We’ve been podcasting for almost five years, but you’ve only had the opportunity to learn about a small fraction of our cast. We decided now is the time to rectify that situation. In this episode we sit down with three of our most prolific castmates. We ask each other geeky

Trek Films Part Two

The 42cast Episode 132: Warping the Box Office Part Two

We continue our discussion of the Star Trek Films with Star Treks IV – VI. In this episode we discuss killer whales and whether the move to lighten the franchise worked. We also discuss fan opinion of The Final Frontier and whether it’s as bad as people say. We’ll also

Trek Films Part One

The 42cast Episode 131: Warping the Box Office Part One

In 1977, Star Wars was released to movie theaters worldwide and created a smash hit phenomenon. Seeing the fervor for media content and merchandise many other sci-fi properties tried to horn in on the action. Star Trek had had a loyal fanbase since the 60’s and even had a new

Discovery Season 3

The 42cast Episode 130: Feel the Burn

Star Trek: Discovery season 3 brought the titular ship to the far future opening up a wide storytelling vista for the series. In this episode we discuss the changes to the setting. We examine the new characters, new situation, and the new tech and effects. We also debate the merits

The Flash Season Seven

The 42cast Episode 129: Flash Bang

The Flash returned to our screens post Covid to wrap up it’s lingering season six plotlines and tell two new stories this season. In this episode we take a deep dive on season 7. We focus on the fallout from the firing of Hartley Sawyer and the removal of Ralph

Gone but not Forgotten

The 42cast Episode 128: Gone but not Forgotten

We’ve all had the experience. We absolutely love a TV series and follow it faithfully, but then it’s canceled after one or two seasons. In this episode we take a look at all the contenders who got knocked out early in the fight. We air our grievances and talk about

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