Rumor of the Day: Is Disney making an animated Marvel movie?

By Marc Bernardin, Source: When Disney and Marvel got in bed together a few years back, fans were both worried and jazzed: worried that Disney would mousify the comics they love and jazzed at the new possibilities of the House That Stan Lee Built partnering with the animation powerhouse.

Why the Hunger Games sequel is suddenly in jeopardy

By Marc Bernardin, Source: You’d think that, given The Hunger Games’ gargantuan success at the box office, the sequel would be a no-brainer. But a new monkey wrench got thrown into the behind-the-scenes negotiations that is threatening to extinguish Catching Fire before it even lights up. While there are

Why that plan to film a 45-year-old Star Trek script may be dead

By Matthew Jackson, Source: Just a few weeks ago, we Trek fans were rejoicing at the news that Norman Spinrad’s long-lost original series script “He Walked Among Us” would find new life on the acclaimed web series Star Trek Phase II. Sadly, we’re now hearing the project may be

Could there be ‘billions’ of habitable planets in our galaxy?

By Trent Moore, Source: We may not have to look too terribly far to find a habitable alien planet out there. It turns out, there could be a few billion just in our own neighborhood. According to a new study, there are likely a lot more rocky – but

Don’t worry—that big screen Flash movie ain’t dead yet

By Don Kaye, Source: We haven’t heard much about that Flash movie in recent months, but don’t worry: the Scarlet Speedster’s big screen debut has not been consigned to movie studio limbo yet. The Flash was one of the major DC characters expected to be rolled out as part

Lawyers force Russell T Davies to change the name of Aliens vs. Wizards

By Nathalie Caron, Source: Lawyers are scary. Remember that upcoming new Russell T Davies series we told you about earlier this year? You know, the one titled Aliens vs. Wizards that’s going to have aliens and wizards in it? Well, it ain’t gonna happen anymore: at least, not exactly

Astronomer: What a Space: 1999 lunar explosion would really be like

By Phil Plait, Source: Phil Plait is an astronomer and major sci-fi geek. He writes the Bad Astronomy Blog for Discover Magazine and is also the host of the Discovery Channel’s science show “Phil Plait’s Bad Universe.” You can follow him on Twitter at @BadAstronomer. On September 13, 1999,

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles no longer mutants? Really, Michael Bay?

By Trent Moore, Source: Oh, Michael Bay. Already the bane of most fanboys for his explosively ridiculous (literally) Transformers film series, the blockbuster producer has now teased some upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tweaks that will likely merit even more scorn from sci-fi fans. Namely, they won’t actually be

Mass Effect 3 ending so controversial gamers demand a new ending

By Trent Moore, Source: A vocal contingent of Mass Effect 3 video game fans did not like the ending for the final game in the trilogy. Admittedly, it’s not uncommon for fans to sometimes disagree with creative decisions in a popular series—but what they’re doing about it is where

WTF? Teacher may lose job for reading ‘pornographic’ sci-fi

By Matthew Jackson, Source: A lot of us have some pretty fond memories of hearing our teachers read aloud in class, but here’s at least one kid who wasn’t impressed. A middle school teacher in South Carolina is now under investigation for reading to his class from a sci-fi

Carl Sagan’s son on the one thing alien movies always get wrong

By Matthew Jackson, Source: Last week, legendary futurist Ray Kurzweil gave us his take on the failings of science fiction cinema. Now Nick Sagan, son of iconic astronomer and Contact author Carl Sagan, has his own bone to pick with sci-fi filmmakers. Unlike Kurzweil, he’s only got one complaint,

Former investigator accuses U.K. government of shredding UFO proof

By Matthew Jackson, Source: The odds of hearing a UFO coverup story that doesn’t involve David Duchovny or a certain cigarette-smoking man are pretty slim, but a former UFO investigator in the U.K. says it really happened in his government. In fact, he says the “most compelling” UFO evidence

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