There Be Monsters is a Step Closer To Reality
By Marc Bernardin, Source:

On the heels of his global hit, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Brad Bird has become a hot commodity in live action, as well as animation. And for his next film, he’s zeroing in on a historical mashup that Back the the Future’s Robert Zemeckis walked away from.

Here There Be Monsters, written by L.A. Confidential’s Brian Helgeland, finds Revolutionary War hero John Paul Jones wrassling with giant aquatic beasts. Zemeckis had been attached to direct but dropped out back in November. According to Vulture, Bird is meeting with Legendary Pictures brass to talk about hopping on to the movie described as such:

Jones [is] wrongly stripped of his British naval commission and hired by a shipping magnate to investigate the disappearance of his merchant ships in the North Atlantic. Soon enough, Jones and his crew suspect that it’s the handiwork of a sea monster and have to fight to survive it.

The producers once had Christian Bale in mind for Jones … and I wouldn’t mind seeing a Batman vs. Giant Squid title match.