This Week on Earth Station DCU! Drew Leiter and Cletus Jacobs stretch to new lengths as they review…Action Comics #996, Booster Gold and Superman land on a different planet in the future. Why are the robots demanding they kneel before Zod! In Detective Comics #973, Can the Bat-Family provide Clayface with the cure before it is too late! In Doomsday Clock #3, The most important thing we learn is that you don’t eat Batman’s pancakes or you end up in Arkham Asylum! In Nightwing: The New Order #6, Has Nightwing made a deal with the devil or is their one last home for Jake! On the CW, we review this week’s episodes of Supergirl, Flash, Black Lightning, and Arrow! All this plus, DC News, Cletus’s pick of the week, and much, much more!


Table of Contents

0:00:00 Show Open

0:01:16 DC News

0:12:32 Action Comics #996

0:19:00 Detective Comics #973

0:23:32 Doomsday Clock #3

0:33:45 Nightwing: The New Order #6

0:42:34 Supergirl S3 Ep11 – Fort Rozz

0:52:52 Flash S4 Ep11 – The Elongated Knight Rises

1:01:47 Black Lightning S1 Ep 2 – Lawanda: The Book of Hope

1:09:04 Arrow S6 Ep11 – We Fall

1:22:36 Show Close


Action Comics #996

Detective Comics #973

Doomsday Clock #3

Nightwing: The New Order #6

DC Universe Presents (2011-2013) #13 (Cletus’s Read More Comics Pick)

Earth Station One Tales of the Station

Earth Station One Tales of the Station Vol. 2

The Chameleon Chronicles: Colors of Fate

The Chameleon Chronicles: Sisters of the Thorn

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