Star Trek was an idea devised by Gene Roddenberry over fifty years ago. He wanted to tell a hopeful story about the future that not only entertained but showed the potential of humanity. His series was not considered a big success at the time, but it has lived on in reruns and numerous spinoff TV shows and spinoffs since the late 70’s. In this episode we take a look back at 50 years of “Star Trek” as a whole. We discuss Roddenberry’s vision and why it still resonates today. We discuss the topic of what makes something “Star Trek”. We also talk about what we like and on’t like about the franchise.

For this week’s Five-Minute Controversy we ask whether CBS has been too strict on its restrictions with fan films.

This week we introduce Stephanie as cohost for our series of podcasts on Star Trek, and welcome Michael and newcomer, Jay, as guests to the podcast

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