Running for the finish line on our review of the DC TV series on the CW, we discuss season 3 of The Flash. This season had some surprising twists and turns that left fandom feeling a little shaky. This week we talk about the storylines, how we felt about them, and what we feel like this means for season 4. We also get a word in from the World’s Greatest Flash fan who lets us know if an emo Flash is ever a good thing, and we talk about whether Leonard Snart is necessary to bring together The Flash’s Rogues Gallery.

This week Ryan, Eric, and the world’s biggest Flash fan; Shaun; join the cast.

Note: We are aware that this episode suffered from a series of sound issues. Eric’s microphone was malfunctioning, which lead to a strong drop in quality from his line, and we had issues with the recorder dropping portions of words every couple of minutes. We’ve done our best to fix the former, but there was nothing we could do about the latter. The episode can still be heard and understood, so we felt that it was better to release than not. We hope that you enjoy it.

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