Total Recall


Double Edged Double Bill Episode 79 – Arnold Schwarzenegger Hopes You Don’t Recall Junior+

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in theaters with Terminator Dark Fate so he’s getting the Double Edged Double Bill treatment! Adam...

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Transmissions From Atlantis 35: The Return of Sci-Fi to SyFy and the Jayne Hat Controversy+

Greetings Atlanteans, it’s time for yet another fun filled episode of Transmissions From Atlantis. In this week’s episode, Rita and...

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Movie review: Is ‘Total Recall’ a worthy reboot?+

By Ashley Bergner, Box Office Buzz First, a confession: I have never seen the original 1990 “Total Recall” film starring...

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First Total Recall set pics reveal robo-cops, hover cars and more+

By Kevin Hall, Hey, did you hear? Total Recall, the sci-fi action classic that brought us full-body X-ray airport...

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Total Recall reboot gets both Kate Beckinsale AND Jessica Biel+

With Colin Farrell signed to take over the role originated by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Total Recall remake, the next...

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Total Recall remake gains Bryan Cranston, but loses Mars+

Emmy-winning actor Bryan Cranston is negotiating to play the villain in the upcoming remake of Total Recall. That’s the good...

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