Time Travel


Joker, DragonCon, Toys, Dinosaurs and Mead – Rusted Robot Podcast 259+

DragonCon 2019 wrap-up, movie trailers, toys, time travel and drinks! This week we discuss Shawn’s travel to Atlanta for DragonCon...

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Shawn’s Top 10 SciFi Films – Rusted Robot Podcast 258+

The top 10 best science fiction films according to your favourite host Shawn! The only criteria for this list: the...

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The 42cast Episode 30: Turning the Clocks Back+

Last year was the year of time travel shows. Most of them were canceled, but one series, Timeless, turned back...

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Next on Earth Station One.. Quantum Leap+

Next week, theorizing that they could time travel within their own lifetime, the ESO crew steps into the Quantum Leap...

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Time travel. Spoilers! Obviously. It’s. Time. Travel.+

I don’t mind time travel. I like it to make sense, but how would I know, exactly, what that would...

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Best TV EVAR! Quantum Leap: M.I.A.; The Leap Home, parts I and II+

It’s interesting how our memories deceive us. I was sure I knew when these episodes aired and what season they...

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Earth Station One Episode 107: It’s About Damn Time, and Time Machines Too+

This week, Mike & Mike dust off the Delorean, Bobby warms up the Time Tunnel, Anthony Taylor powers up the...

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Next on Earth Station One…+

Next week, Earth Station One goes all timey-whimey as the ESO crew hops into our favorite time travel devices to...

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1st look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s top-secret Looper time machine+

By Krystal Clark, Source: Blastr.com; Let’s start the new year off right—with time travel. Director Rian Johnson has given us...

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The Rules Of Time Travel, According To Stephen King+

by Brendon Connelly, Source: Bleeding Cool.com Stephen King needs tidy rules for time travel more than most of us. Not...

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