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The Best Saturdays of Our Lives Podcast

The Best Saturdays of Our Lives #32 – Ghostbusters vs. Ghostbusters

Go Go, Ghostbusters! Remember when Busting made us feel REAL good on Saturday Morning? Mark & Dan give a blow-by-blow account of when Filmation and DIC squared off in a paranormal-busting brawl for our hearts, minds and money. There’s something strange in the neighborhood this time on The Best Saturdays

The Best Saturdays of Our Lives Podcast

Best Saturdays of Our Lives 29 – Sweet Swee’Pea’s Baadasssss Dad!

We’re mixing it up with all your favorite cartoon dream daddies! Single parenthood is rough especially for sailors, cavemen and superheroes. We’ll gladly hear you on Tuesday if you listen to us today – the Best Baadasssss Saturdays of Your Life! 00:00:24: I Yam What I Yam 00:22:25: And Son!

The Best Saturdays of Our Lives #28 – Batman vs. Batman

Super Friends vs. Star Trek! The Dark Knight and Boy Wonder vs. Superman and Wonder Woman! The Caped Crusader vs. Space Ghost! Season Two opens with a double dose of BIFF, POW, and ZING as your Best Saturdays Dynamic Duo Mark & Dan return to ask “Who owns it?” 00:00:25

Episode #27 The Cutesy Era – Part 3

Recorded in 2019, this is the last of what we had in the can. I conclude our “Cutesy Era” discussion with the Gummi Bears, Flintstone Kids, and a whole lot more. Stay tuned for the premiere of Season 2 of The Best Saturdays of Our Lives Podcast coming this Spring!

Episode #26 The Cutesy Era – Part 2

In part two, trends in both marketing and child psychology coalesce. We might talk a bit more about the Care Bears then we intended, but this is what you get from an episode recorded back in 2019. Part two also explores Disney’s leap into Saturday Morning market. 00:00:24 Attack Them

The Best Saturdays of Our Lives Ep# 23 – The Best Christmas Carols of Our Lives

A Christmas Carol is one of the most adapted holiday classics and we’re bringing you two of the best! Join Mark and Dan as they dive into Charles Dickens, Mr. Magoo and Mickey too! 00:00:28 Mickey’s Christmas Carol 00:22:59 Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol 00:41:16 A Charlie Brown Christmas TOTAL RUNTIME:

Thunder Talk ESO Patreon Special

Thunder Talk Bonus ESO Patreon

A bit of unedited, idle conversation between Beth, Dan, and Kawika about one of Nintendo’s craziest failures while waiting for Mark to show up. Why not help support the ESO Network and give it a listen.


The Best Saturdays of Our Lives Podcast – Ep#20 Not PBS Kids part 2

In part 1 of “Not PBS Kids” we brought you the landscape. Now we dive into the shows! Romper Room hits the pre-K crowed while Schoolhouse Rock hits all the right notes with endearing lessons in civics! Celebrated journalists bring the news to Saturday morning and beyond, and children become


The Best Saturdays of Our Lives Podcast – Ep# Not PBS Kids part 1

Censorship! Educational Programming! Degrassi High! In episode 19 Mark and Dan jump all over the place. From the Lawrence Welk show and the Rural Purge to Action for Children’s Television and PBS, we drop a lot of knowledge in this one. And knowing is half the battle! 00:00:24 ACT 1


Live Action in Animation – Part 1

Celebrities get animated! We begin with an examination of the MGM and Warner Bros. Hollywood satires of the 1930’s and 40’s to the early age of television when parody became participation. Then we return as guest stars to the town of Bedrock! 00:00:52 parody to participation 00:20:35 Twist! Twist! 00:26:53

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