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Best Saturdays Ep#47 📺 Toys & Toons at Retro-Toy Con

Toys. There has always been a symbiotic relationship between the cartoons we grew up on and merchandise associated with them. Back in November 2021 Mark & Dan were guests of the upstate’s premier toys and collectibles convention; Retro-Toy Con! In our second episode covering 2021’s convention, we spoke with many

Best Saturdays 📺 Star Wars: Droid & Ewoks Vol.1

Welcome to Season 3! Mark and Dan are joined by their Thunder Talk co-hosts Beth & Kawika Ah Lo. Today we explore, laugh and commiserate over the two Star Wars cartoons that graces our Saturday mornings decades before all those other Star Wars cartoons. Lucusfilms’s Droids and Ewoks. Make sure

Troy Bernier & Koichi Noguchi ⚡ KAIJU DECODE

Three Months! It’s been three months since the space pirate barge Thunder Talk was last heard from. Sailing the stars in search of freedom and flying under the ESO Network’s banner, our lovable rogues fell perilously into a black hole.  Thunder Talk was believed lost with all hands until Troy

He-Man & She-Ra 📺 A Christmas Special

Can you think of someone righteous and powerful who was born in December? Mark and Dan can think of two. He-Man & She-Ra! Join us in this Christmas / birthday celebration filled with spaceships and music, backdoor pilots, and skeletons with hearts of Kerium! Merry Christmas and we’ll see you

Retro-Toy Con 📺 Keone Young & Dan Gilvezan

Retro-Toy Con 2021! Once again Mark & Dan attended as guests, hosted a Ha-Man panel, and conducted a couple of interviews with two legends of the voice acting world. Keone Young takes us on a journey through his storied carrier while discussing many of the difficulties facing persons of color

Adult Swim’s Ned Hastings Vol.1 📺 SUPERMAN vs. SUPERMAN

Ned Hastings, producer and editor at Adult Swim, joins Mark & Dan along with History of Comic Books J.T. Wheatley to whiteness the duel of the century! Well, last century… SUPERMAN vs. SUPERMAN! And tune in to the next episode of Thunder Talk for Ned Hastings Vol.2: Best Saturdays vs.

Ep# 42 – Isis and the Social Values Movement

In this episode, Mark & Dan look back on the life and carrier of JoAnna Cameron, famous for her role as the superhero Isis, along with several other shows that shaped our social values on Saturday morning. 00:00:24 More “POP” Less “POW” 00:19:10 Isis 00:35:35 Pitches & Fan Letters TOTAL

Ep# 41 TCM + Bill Golliher @ SC Comicon Jr.

Recently your expert on all things Saturday morning, Mark McCray, sat down for a televised interview with Turner Classic Movies! In today’s episode we discuss his time with TCM where he shared his insights on both Max and Richard Fleischer and the fantastic contributions they gave to the history of


Earlier this year Mark and Dan had the privilege of presenting a few panels at the Miami International Sci-fi Film Festival. This is the audio from one of them… Science Fiction is more mainstream than you ever imagined! What’s the connection between Star Trek and Jem? What does laser weaponry

Ep# 36 – The Best Theme Songs of Our Lives!

From Magilla Gorilla to Robotech, H.R. Pufnstuff to The Mysterious Cities of Gold, Mark & Dan invite you to listen to some of their favorite Saturday morning tunes – this time on The Best Theme Songs of Our Lives! 00:00:25 Magilla Gorilla 00:07:52 Mysterious Cities of Gold 00:16:06 H.R. Pufnstuff

The Best Saturdays of Our Lives – Nintendo on Saturday Morning

Playa Two Has Entered the Game!  Your podcast Mega Man, Mark McCray, recounts the Legend of Mario as portrayed by Captain Lou Albano.  But it’s not all ,B,A START. SEGA has its own Saturday Sonic genesis while Dan ports his arcade failiers to the home console. Time to blow on

The Best Saturdays of Our Lives Podcast

Episode #33 – Hip-Hop on Saturday Morning

We are 2 Legit 2 Quit on Hammerman, delivering the definitive break down of our MC from Oaktown’s shuffle on Saturday morning! Plus Mark and Dan hit up Kid ‘n Play around the way to Jellystone Mall as we beatbox back to when your Liquid Television came In Living Color.

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