The Phantom Troublemaker

Earth Station Who Episode 68 – Kinda & Snakedance

On this episode, Mike, Mike, Jen and the Phantom Troublemaker travel from the jungles of Deva Loka to the crowded streets of Manussa to face off against the entity known as Mara. Plus, Alan Siler joins us to make a special guest announcement for the upcoming TimeGate convention!

Earth Station Who Episode 67 – The Web of Fear

This week, the ESW crew takes a look at a Second Doctor story once believed to be lost to the ages. Mike, Mike, Jen, Shiksa, and The Phantom Troublemaker review this newly restored look at Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart’s mustache in all its high definition glory before the Yeti enshroud them in

Earth Station Who Episode 66 – The City of Death

Ah, Paris! The city of light, the city of love, and the city of…death? It is when Scaroth is in town! Mike, Mike, Jen, and the Phantom Troublemaker review one of the best stories of the Tom Baker years. That is, unless Inspector Duggan knocks them all unconscious.

Earth Station Who Episode 64 – Terror of the Autons

Enter The Master! Mike, Mike, the Phantom Troublemaker, and Shiksa Ravelli review the first story of Jon Pertwee’s second year which introduced a few new characters to the franchise, including the troublesome Time Lord that would become one of The Doctor’s greatest adversaries. As for the threat in this story,

ESO 2014 DragonCon Khan Report Ep 2

The ESO 2014 DragonCon Khan Report Episode 2

Time marches on to Labor Day weekend, and already it feels like there’s not enough time to prepare! Mike, Mike, Nikki Rau-Baker, MaryLou Who, and The Phantom Troublemaker are joined by Dragoncon Director of Media Relations, Dan Carroll, for all the latest news and notes. Kevin Bachelder provides more tips

Earth Station Who Episode 62 – Dr. Who and the Daleks

The ESW experience Dalekmania! Mike, Mike, Jen, and the Phantom Troublemaker review the two feature film adaptations starring Peter Cushing as Dr. Who. We also share some thoughts on casting American actors to play the various incarnations of the Doctor as well as who we’d like to see play the

Earth Station Who Episode 61 – Resurrection of the Daleks

The ESW crew travels back 30 years to one of the only 5th Doctor stories to feature the tin terrors and their creator, Davros. Mike, Mike, the Phantom Troublemaker, and Shiksa dodge armed policemen, Kaled mutant creatures, Dalek and prison guard laser fire, poisonous gas, and exploding prison stations to

Earth Station Who Episode 59 – Remembering the 11th Doctor

As the bow tie falls slowly to the floor, we remember the highs and lows of the Eleventh Doctor. From “Geronimo” to “Raggedy Man, good night” Mike, Mike, Jen, the Phantom Troublemaker, and Rob Levy review the impact the last three years have had on the franchise and the fandom.

Earth Station One Ep 195 – ESO Targets Arrow

This week, the ESO crew reaches into their quivers and takes aim at the unexpected TV hit show, Arrow. Mike, Mike, the award-winning author Bobby Nash, Phantom Troublemaker, Drew Leiter, and John McCarthy review the CW series from last year’s impressive pilot to last month’s explosive mid-season finale. We also

Earth Station Who Episode 58 – The Time of the Doctor

On Christmas Day 2013, the Eleventh Doctor’s time was up! Mike, Mike, Jen, the Phantom Troublemaker, and guest Josh Wilson sort through their first impressions of the 800th episode of the franchise. Did Moffat and co give us the Christmas present we wished for most, or did we find coal

Earth Station Who Episode 57 – The Mind Robber

While they anxiously await “The Time of The Doctor,” the ESW crew decides to take their minds off the impending departure of Matt Smith by taking a trip fantastic with the Second Doctor! Mike, Mike, Jen, the Phantom Troublemaker, and guest Nathan Laws encounter a different kind of Master, white

Earth Station Who Episode 56 – An Adventure in Space and Time

Mike, Mike, Jen, and The Phantom Troublemaker continue to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who by traveling back to where it all began! And thanks to writer/producer Mark Gatiss, we don’t need a TARDIS to do it. The ESW crew reviews the docudrama that re-enacts the birth of a

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