the Mummy

Transmissions From Atlantis 128 – What the Hell just happened in Twin Peaks & Doctor Who?+

In this expanded episode, JC & Rita bring in the Oncoming Storm‘s Rachel Stewart and Dr. Geeks Lab’s Dr. Scott...

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Pop Culture Cosmos Episode Forty One- Humannequin Media Takeover+

It’s a Humannequin Media takeover of the Pop Culture Cosmos show as Josh Pederson and Eddie Sheely share their thoughts...

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Are you my Mummy?+

I was led to believe the new Mummy movie sucked, that Tom Cruise’s star power is waning, and the film...

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PCC Multiverse Episode Nineteen+

On today’s episode Josh Pederson and Gerald Glassford are talking the Mummy as we share our thoughts and debate if...

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The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Midseason finales, Scifi News, New Trailers…oh my+

The time has come to do my 2nd to last Monster Scifi Show for this year. Normally, my Scifi News...

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Earth Station One Episode 237 – The Creature, The Mummy & Other Universal Monsters+

The Countdown to Halloween continues with this monster-size episode of the Earth Station One podcast! Mike, Mike, the award-winning artist...

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Why the new reboot of The Mummy might be better than you think+

By Don Kaye, Source: Just when you thought that the modern version of The Mummy had run out of...

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