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Flopcast 552 Mego clowns

Flopcast 552: You Bring the Sasquatch

Flopcast episode 552! For our holiday shopping, we’re traveling back to 1981 and looking through an advertisement flyer from Child World, a toy store chain that just happened to have a Woonsocket, Rhode Island location. Kevin and Kornflake have selected 4 ½ gifts for each other, but we used very

Modern Musicology #47 - Guilty Pleasures

Modern Musicology #47 – Guilty Pleasures

Court is in session and the Modern Musicology gang has been found GUILTY of liking some of the most un-hip and embarrassing stuff EVER! This is us confessing our Guilty Pleasures! We unrepentantly bask in our love of Shaun Cassidy, Donnie and Marie, The Spice Girls, The Bee Gees, The Monkees, Liberace, and even opera,

Flopcast 551 Tom Bosley in Santa hat

Flopcast 551: Trouble at the Lumberjack Factory

As is tradition around here, we’re taking a bunch of those Hallmark-style made-for-TV holiday movies, and we’re fixing them. Over 150 goofy new holiday movies are debuting this year, and they’re all the same: random big city career women are returning to their hometowns to save their grandfathers’ stuggling figgy

The Romulans and Masquerade – Earth Station Trek Episode Ninety-Six

With the Romulans making an appearance in Star Trek: Prodigy, we turn our attention to the televised history of the Star Empire before reviewing the new episode of Star Trek: Prodigy, “Masquerade” Earth Station Trek is a part of the ESO Podcast Network, Executive Producer Mike Faber.

Modern Musicology #46 - Banned Songs

Modern Musicology #46 – Banned Songs

This week the Modern Musicology crew ignores what’s good for society and celebrates banned songs! These are the tunes that are too sexual, too controversial, too inflammatory or too revolutionary to be heard on the radio or anywhere else! These subversive tracks include obvious and important things like “Fuck the Police” by NWA and “Cop Killer” by

Flopcast 550 Pillsbury Doughboy balloon in the Macy's parade

Flopcast 550: He’s a Giant Vegetable

Flopcast episode 550! We’re creeping into the holiday season with a concert report, because Boston rock heroes Letters to Cleo are back for their annual homecoming shows. This year they brought along super-cool Brooklyn-based band Thick to open the show, and Cleo frontwoman Kay Hanley is clearly a fan. Throw

Modern Musicology #45 - Favorite Concert Memories

Modern Musicology #45 – Concert Memories

Concert Memories This week the Modern Musicology gang relives some favorite concert memories– from the good to the bad to the truly bizarre. Stephanie talks about touring with the Aquanettas, Alan tells the story of playing a show in a roller skating rink, Anthony saw Iron Maiden play soccer on stage, and Rob talks about his favorite soundcheck experience. No

90 day fiance

90 Day Fiance – Soul Forge Podcast 268

90 day fiance or long distance fiance? Perhaps it’s both! This episode of the Soul Forge dives into the relationship between Dakota and Luke. We will learn their story, their trials and tribulations. Most of all, we will experience the love they feel for each other. I have known Dakota

Flopcast 549 A-ha Take On Me keyboardist

Flopcast 549: Keep the Misery Rolling

Flopcast episode 549! Inspired by our recent discussion of synthpop band A-ha and their massive hit “Take On Me,” we’re making a list of other 1980s songs with iconic keyboard parts. Plenty more synthy new wave acts are on the list (such as Eurythmics, Soft Cell, and Men Without Hats),

Modern Musicology #44 - The Albums of 1992

Modern Musicology #44 – The Albums of 1992

The Albums of 1992 This year we dip back in time to discuss the albums that celebrate 30th Annivesaries this year — the albums of 1992! How can these be thirty years old??? We dig in deep with things like Dirt by Alice in Chains, Automatic for the People by REM, Henry’s Dream by Nick Cave

Flopcast 548 Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman

Flopcast 548: A Terrific Bionic Mummy Lookalike Horse

Flopcast episode 548! Join us as we flip through another old issue of your favorite magazine from the school book club, Dynamite! This one is from way back in 1976, and the cover just might feature an arm wrestling competition between the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman. We have

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