Tara Newman

Earth Station Who Ep 224

Earth Station Who – Deconstructing Doctor Who

Recorded live at Dragon Con 2019! What are the essential elements of one of the most popular science fiction series for over 50 years? Mike, Mike, Mary, Tara Newman, and Michael Falkner lead an in-depth discussion on the what, why, and how of Who.

Earth Station One Ep 488

The Earth Station One Podcast – Galaxy Quest 20th Anniversary

Recorded live at Dragon Con 2019! When the red thingy moves towards the green thingy, it’s time to salute the sci-fi comedy that taught us to never give up and never surrender! Featuring Mike Faber, Michael Gordon, Darren Nowell, Wil Nix, Tara Newman, and Jennifer Adams. Plus, Dan Klink and

The Earth Station DCU Episode 56 – ESO’s Favorite DC Stories

This Week on Earth Station DCU! Bobby Nash has been freed from the airlock! Join Drew, Cletus, Bobby Nash, and Mike Gordon as we discuss our favorite DC stories. In Dark Days: The Casting, things get a little crazy, while Drew gets a little more confused. In Action Comics, Team

Earth Station One Podcast Ep 363

The Earth Station One Podcast Episode 363 – ESO Book Club Presents: Maus

The Pulitzer Prize winning graphic novel by Art Spiegelman provides plenty of material for Mike, Mike, Mary Ogle, and Tara Newman to discuss as this month’s Book Club entry. Plus, Head Pussycat Siouxzan Perry shares news on a new documentary about the influential and iconic Tura Satana. All this, along

ESO Podcast Ep 349 - Rogue One

The Earth Station One Podcast Episode 349 – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The ESO crew have intercepted a coded Imperial transmission. It revealed that Mike, Mike, Alex Autrey, Ashley Pauls, Rebecca Perry, and Tara Newman have gone rogue. Tara did not escape the blockade and landed in the Geek Seat. All this, along with Rants, Raves, A Geek Girl’s Take, and Shout

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