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The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Scifi News for 2/23/2018+

The first order of business is to give a couple of overdue shout-outs. Shout-out to abcjunkie for giving a great review...

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The Pro Wresting Roundtable Episode 59 Pro Wrestling Time Machine: Wrestlemania 23+

The guys jump into the wrestling time machine to go back 10 years & look at Wrestlemania 23. It was...

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Earth Station One Episode 182 – Our Number’s Up! ESO Reviews Person of Interest+

We are being watched. Good thing Earth Station One is an audio podcast! Mike, Mike, the award-winning author Bobby Nash,...

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Next on Earth Station One…+

Next week, the ESO crew becomes a Person of Interest as they investigate rumors of a mysterious machine that spies...

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Syfy orders a pilot script for DC’s time-traveling Booster Gold+

By Marc Bernardin, source: After getting gritty and realistic with superpowers on Alphas, Syfy will take a dip in...

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14 wonderfully weird examples of alien make-up+

Filmmakers have been relying on computers an awful lot lately to warp actors into aliens. But there’ill always be a...

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Before tonight’s premiere, go behind the scenes of Being Human+

Syfy takes a bold leap tonight by reimagining a British series that not only is still on the air, but...

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Can the new Being Human tell MORE story than the British one?+

The American remake of BBC’s Being Human may be good news for fans. Each season of the British show consisted...

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