Tactical Minis or Quick Shots – SOUL FORGE PODCAST 113+

With this experiement of an episode, the Soul Forge Podcast presents something wholly new. Whether we call them tactical minis...

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The Cheryl Saga – Soul Forge Podcast 111+

The Cheryl saga started about 4 years ago. Although we had known each other for about a decade longer, the...

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Drunken Fun – Soul Forge Podcast 110+

It’s drunken fun with Shawn and Stephanie. And Karen. And Jason. This is the fifth of the 5 episodes in...

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BIRTHDAY SEX – Soul Forge Podcast 100+

Sex for your birthday is a wonderful experience. It is even more spectacular when you are losing your virginity. So...

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‘CUBA: Sugar, Sex and Scandal’ Book Review By Ron Fortier+

CUBA : Sugar, Sex, and Scandal Edited by Robert Deis & Wyatt Doyle # new texture 159 pages Once again...

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Time Capsule Unboxing – Soul Forge 94+

The unboxing of my time capsule of first year university memories. After my first year of school in 1995-1996, I...

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Soul Forge 90 – The Best Guy She Knows+

Are you the best guy she knows? Shawn’s best friend from university, Stephanie, comes for a visit and a chat...

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Soul Forge 86 – The Crush List+

The Crush List is a return to form in the classic style of the Soul Forge Podcast. This week, Shawn...

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RUSTED ROBOT PODCAST 230: Space, Sex Bots and Muppet Mayhem+

Space…the final frontier, these are the stories of the lunar lander, sex bots, TV and movie news, and Muppet mayhem!...

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Soul Forge 69: SEX+

Sex is this week’s topic. What else could we be discussing on episode number 69? Shawn is joined by Karen...

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