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The Earth Station One Podcast – Knives Out Movie Review+

Who done it? Mike, Mike, Darren, and Ashley examine all the clues, scrutinize all the suspects, study the surveillance footage,...

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The 42cast Episode 62: Star Wars – The Fandom Menace+

Last Jedi hit movie theaters two years ago, and the reaction was unprecedented. It made its bank as expected, but...

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Movie review: ‘Knives Out’ a sharply witty whodunnit+

World-famous crime novelist Harlan Thrombey is celebrating his 85th birthday with his family at his estate. It appears to be...

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Double Edged Double Bill Episode 71: A Piranha Can Throw a Brick II – A Directorial Debut+

Every director starts somewhere. So this week, we’re looking at two very different directorial debuts! First up the bad pick...

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1st look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s top-secret Looper time machine+

By Krystal Clark, Source: Blastr.com; Let’s start the new year off right—with time travel. Director Rian Johnson has given us...

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