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‘Kill The Night’ Book Review By Ron Fortier+

KILL THE NIGHT Self-Published By Terry Mark PO Box 272572 Fort Collins, CO 80527 353 pg Writing a first book...

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‘Unremarkable’ Book Review By Ron Fortier+

UNREMARKABLE By Geoff Habiger & Coy Kissee Shadow Dragon Press 205 pages We’ve often said the fun of writing a...

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‘Jungle Queens and Space Rangers’ Book Review By Ron Fortier+

JUNGLE QUEENS AND SPACE RANGERS The Complete Comic Book Covers Vol 1 Edited and published by Todd Frye Earlier in...

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‘Beyond The Rue Morgue’ Book Review By Ron Foriter+

BEYOND THE RUE MORGUE Edited by Paul Kane & Charles Prepolec Titan Books 332 pages This is such a marvelous...

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‘Gideon Smith & The Mask of the Ripper’ Book Review By Ron Fortier+

GIDEON SMITH & THE MASK OF THE RIPPER By David Barnett Tor Books 379 pages I am by no means...

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