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Flopcast 636 Dion

Flopcast 636: Talk to the Juice Box

Flopcast episode 636! Based on the advice of our lawyers, your Flopcast hosts rarely meet up in person these days. But it did just happen, because we both showed up at an odd little event called the Hops and Humorous Arts (or HAHA) Festival. This was an evening of short

Flopcast 635 Til Tuesday

Flopcast 635: The New Wave Game Part 5 – Hush, Hush

Flopcast episode 635! Time to wrap up our New Wave Game and see if anyone survives! We’re down to the final three volumes of the CD series Just Can’t Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the 80s, and either Kevin or Kornflake could still win. (But come on, our money

Flopcast 634 Brenda and Rhoda

Flopcast 634: That’s My 1974 Now!

Flopcast episode 634! We start with a quick report from a local nerd convention, where Kevin met up with some heroes of 1970s kids TV: Our old friends Wesley Eure and Kathy Coleman from Land of the Lost, our new friends Doug and Emmy Jo from The New Zoo Revue… and the

Flopcast 633 April Ludgate

Flopcast 633: The Angry Gobble

Flopcast episode 633! On the longest day of the year, we made the shortest show of the year. Including: Kornflake likes when Aubrey Plaza is weird, Kevin apologizes to a turkey, a rooster named Earl works at an auto shop, and we launch our new Flopcast “Too Many Comics” bonus

Flopcast 632 Nena

Flopcast 632: The New Wave Game Part 4 – Where Fashion Sits

Flopcast episode 632! The struggle continues, as we’re still trying to guess each other’s favorite songs from the Just Can’t Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the 80s CD series. By 1983, the radio was bursting with new wave weirdos who never would have dented the Top 40 in the

Flopcast 631 Casper demon kid

Flopcast 631: Your Floss Is Possessed

Flopcast episode 630! Another quick fill-in show? You bet! We’re flipping through three old comic books that the Mayor of Chickentown actually owned as a little kid, decades before her rise to poultry-themed political bigwig. Up first is The Wizard of Oz, a giant-sized movie adaptation that was actually the first

Flopcast 630 Record City

Flopcast 630: Something Especially Idiotic

Flopcast episode 630! Kevin just watched a horrible movie and can’t wait to tell the Mayor all about it! So kids, welcome to 1978’s Record City. It’s purportedly a comedy, but yikes, not a single joke lands. But at least the setting is fun, since the whole thing takes place at

Flopcast 629 Duran Duran

Flopcast 629: The New Wave Game Part 3 – Talk to a Pretty Girl

Flopcast episode 629! Our first two installments of the New Wave Game ended in ties, because we were both quite clueless. This week we move even deeper into the Just Can’t Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the 80s CD series, as we attempt to guess each other’s favorite songs

Flopcast 628 Conan Viking

Flopcast 628: I Am in Norway

Flopcast episode 628! We’re not quite sure why, but the subject of our latest Top 4 ½ List is… Norway! So here’s some of our favorite Norwegian stuff, as approved by the gods of Asgard. We have a silly Viking or two, an icy Justice League member, an 80s synthpop

Flopcast 627 Surge

Flopcast 627: Jennyflake

Flopcast episode 627! Super-quick show this week, as we say Happy Birthday to masked and bucket-headed guitarist Buckethead, unveil our new Flopcast promo (which Kornflake both conceived and despises), and turn to the Pudding Pages to learn about the weird 1990s soda called Surge. (Fun fact: They still love Surge

Flopcast 626 Bow Wow Wow

Flopcast 626: The New Wave Game Part 2 – Candy All the Time

Flopcast episode 626! We’re back for another round of our New Wave Game! The rules are simple, because the game is stupid. We’re listening to the next three volumes in the Just Can’t Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the 80s CD series, and trying to guess each other’s favorite

Cigar Nerds Podcast: Welcome to the Vault

The Cigar Nerds Podcast: Welcome to the Vault. Good morning vault dwellers and wasteland survivors. This week the guys venture into the post apocalypses to talk about the Fallout series. In science we talk about real bunkers, microwave weapons, UK smoking ban, and living in a simulation. In Nerd news

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