Unexpected Magic Is The Best Kind – Soul Forge Podcast 136+

Sometimes the universe gives you exactly what you asked for. However, the universe also likes to play tricks to keep...

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NerdLanta Podcast: Episode IV – A New Alternative Reality+

This is a flashback episode, dare we say a NerdLanta prequel? Every week we’ll be uploading our classic episodes leading...

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Issue 17 – Love And Thunder Talk, PERIODT!+

In Issue 17 Adam Whetston recounts a local act of hate while reaffirming exactly where this show stands on the...

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Pop Culture Cosmos #167- Disney Plus Arrives, 50 Years of Sesame Street, and We Break Down the Major Contenders to Netflix!+

On our latest Pop Culture Cosmos, Josh and Gerald break down the major competitors to Netflix with the arrival this...

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THUNDER TALK – Episode XV: Return of the Unfocused+

THUNDER TALK – Episode XV: Return of the Unfocused In Issue Fifteen of Thunder Talk our intention was to...

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THUNDER TALK: DragonCon Debriefing – Cybertronic Spree – The Howlin’ Roosters+

The Thunder Talk DragonCon after-action report! Mark McCray joined your Thunder Friends to share some of his favorite con moments....

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The Earth Station One Podcast – Rocketman Movie Review and A Music Spotlight on Elton John+

The spectacular spectacled Hall of Famer gets the biopic treatment this summer and we cover both the man and the...

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Soul Forge 90 – The Best Guy She Knows+

Are you the best guy she knows? Shawn’s best friend from university, Stephanie, comes for a visit and a chat...

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