Michelle Borg

Earth Station One Podcast Ep 501

The Earth Station One Podcast – The 2019 Geek Gift Guide

Whether you are looking for that special geeky something for that special geek in you life or just browsing for ideas to add your wish list, listen in as Mike, Mike, Richard Ewell, Mary Ogle, and Ashley Pauls suggest some items suitable for stockings of any size. All this, along

The Earth Station One Podcast Ep 497

Earth Station One Podcast – The 50th Anniversary of Sesame Street

Sunny day! Sweeping the clouds away! Mike, Mike, and Felt Nerdy’s Charles Kelso hang out in the neighborhood where adults, kids, animals, and Muppets have been educating and entertaining folks for more than 50 years. Plus, Team Kamikaze gets animated about their new Kickstarter project. All this, along with Angela’s

Earth Station One Ep 490

The Earth Station One Podcast – The Boys TV Show Review

People love that cozy feeling that Supes give them, however the new series from Amazon provides plenty of reasons why you should never meet your heroes. But why have an average review when you can have extraordinary discussion from Mike, Michael, John Strangeway, and Matthew Malis? Plus, Matthew finds himself

Earth Station One. Podcast Ep 480

The Earth Station One Podcast – Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie Review

We get our first look at the post-Endgame MCU through the eyes of Peter Parker in this Sony sequel. Mike, Mike, Alex, and Ashley review the new adventures of Spider-Man and his adolescent friends. Plus, The Geekfather takes his rightful place in the Geek Seat and Jamie previews the upcoming

Earth Station One Podcast Ep 471

The Earth Station One Podcast – Geek Talk 2019

After a couple of intensely geeky weekends, Mike and Mike relax, recoup, and recover with some good ol’ impromptu chitchat with good friends of the station Darren Nowell and Kevin Eldridge. Plus, Jessica and Christian of the PDX Broadsides deposit some Relatable Content in the Geek Seat and we say

Earth Station One Podcast Ep 470

The Earth Station One Podcast – Avengers: Endgame Movie Review

The culmination of over a decade of the MCU has arrived and is breaking box office records across the planet. Mike, Mike, Ashley, Alex, and Jennifer Hartshorn rant and rave about the giant-size epic conclusion that’s making cinematic history. All this, along with Angela’s Geek Girl Take, Michelle’s Iconic Rock

Earth Station One Podcast Ep 465 - The Art of John Byrne

The Earth Station One Podcast – The Art of John Byrne

Award Winner. Modern Master. Legend. Writer/artist John Byrne has made his mark on some of the iconic characters in comics. Mike, Mike, Michael Bailey, and Kyle Jones look at his career from rising the X-Men out of the ashes to creating a new vision of the original Star Trek crew.

Earth Station One Ep 463

Earth Station One Podcast – Captain Marvel Movie Review

The Kree/Skrull conflict finally reaches planet C-53 and out of the madness emerges a truly marvelous hero. Mike, Mike, Ashley, and Alex assemble with author Van Allen Plexico to welcome Carol Danvers to the MCU. Plus, Rob Jones returns to tell us about the continuing adventures of Kate Carter in

Earth Station One Podcast Ep 461

The Earth Station One Podcast – The 10th Anniversary of Coraline

Hard to believe it has been a decade since a little stop motion animation studio named Laika brought Neil Gaiman’s Coraline Jones to life. Mike, Mike, and Felicity brave the button eyes of the Other Mother and shield their eyes from the all too revealing downstairs neighbors. Plus, Zach Steele

Earth Station One Ep 459

The Earth Station One Podcast Episode 459 – Aerosmith

For nearly 50 years, the “Bad Boys from Boston” have been tearing up the charts and breaking hearts. Mike, Mike, Michelle, Ricky, and Bambi ride the highs and lows of the band like a Rock N Roller Coaster. Plus, the Award-Winning Bobby Nash returns to throw “That Famous Guy” Stuart

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