The Flopcast

Flopcast 413: Dark and Brooding Like Kornflake

Flopcast episode 413! In these weird scary times, we’re keeping the Flopcast short, simple, and (hopefully) silly, as we review our latest trapped-in-the-house activities. Kornflake has been checking out music from Vance Gilbert, Jim Infantino, They Might Be Giants, and Carbon Leaf… and she also invented a goofy potato game.

The Flopcast

Flopcast 412: The Hot Macrame Talk

Flopcast episode 412! We’re still in social distancing mode here in Chickentown, of course, as we cross one cancelled event after another off the stupid calendar. (Specifically, Pee Wee Herman and Diane Birch are keeping their distance from us this week.) But that means more TV talk (Lost in Space, Shrill, Picard, Taskmaster,

The Flopcast

Flopcast 411: Hold the Iguana

Flopcast episode 411! Remember what the world was like two weeks ago? Yeah, things have changed. But that’s when Kevin took a quick trip to Las Vegas to visit our dear friends Brittany and Martha of Good Enough Cosplay! So they’re on the show this week, discussing murderers and ice

The Flopcast

Flopcast 410: MarsCon 2020 – Wow.

Flopcast episode 410! Kornflake has returned from Minnesota with a full report on MarsCon, home of our beloved Dementia Track of comedy music performances! And this was the busiest MarsCon ever for Kornflake! In addition to her regular Dementia Water Aerobics classes (keeping nerds in shape and exhausted since 2013),

The Flopcast

Flopcast 409: 1980 TV Part 2 – Cosmos and Enos

Flopcast episode 409! Kevin and the Mayor conclude their look back at the TV shows that debuted in 1980! It was the year of Tom Selleck in Hawaii and Tom Hanks in drag. Deputy Enos left Hazzard County for Los Angeles. The biggest stars in country music shared a stage

The Flopcast

Flopcast 408: 1980 TV Part 1 – Sparky and Corky

While Kornflake is off entertaining the nerds of Minnesota at MarsCon, Kevin and the Mayor discuss obscure TV shows from forty years ago. (We’re quite timely around here.) Specifically we’re looking at shows that debuted in the year 1980. And it’s a weird list. Weirder than you think. Including: Spinoffs

The Flopcast

Flopcast 407: FlopFight Part 2 – I’m Your Private Dentist

Flopcast episode 407! Time to finish what we started (and instantly regretted) last week: A ridiculous Flopcast tournament of 1980s pop stars, as we celebrate the 35th anniversary of USA for Africa and “We Are the World.” We’re still picking the players and the events at random, so anything could

The Flopcast

Flopcast 406: FlopFight Part 1 – There Comes a Hippo

Flopcast episode 406! Remember when we made all the Rankin/Bass holiday cartoon characters compete in a bizarre tournament of our own design? Wasn’t that fun? And stupid? Well, grab a beverage and place your bets, because we’re trying that again. This time we’re celebrating the 35th anniversary of USA for

The Flopcast

Flopcast 405: What About the Gizzard?

Flopcast episode 405! A couple of important and/or ridiculous updates in this quick little show… starting with a MarsCon update from Kornflake! (Get ready, geeks of Minnesota. In less than a month, Kornflake is bringing you a new album, a concert performance, and Dementia Water Aerobics…) Then we have a

The Flopcast

Flopcast 404: Movies With the Mayor

Flopcast episode 404! It’s Oscar season, and we don’t care about the Oscars, but it’s an excuse for the Mayor of Chickentown to drop by and talk about the movies. However, we’re not really looking at the movies themselves; instead we’re discussing the experience of going to movie theaters. (It’s

The Flopcast

Flopcast 403: Arisia 2020 – Space Trains and Beaks

Flopcast episode 403! Live from the horrifyingly cold mid-January Boston waterfront, it’s our annual report on our favorite local science fiction/fantasy convention, Arisia! Kevin was locked in for all four days of Arisia, moderating discussion panels, meeting the awesome costumed people, and just observing all the glorious geekery. Meanwhile Kornflake

The Flopcast

Flopcast 402: Memorial Show Part 2 – Squirrels in Space

Flopcast episode 402! Okay, let’s wrap up our tribute to the pop culture legends we lost in 2019. (We’ve been drinking so many shots in their memory that we’re almost out of coffee. And that frightens us.) Part 2 includes more movie stars (Peter Fonda, Sid Haig, Danny Aiello), sitcom

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