Jurassic Park


The 42cast Episode 79: Agents of C.H.A.N.G.E.

Season 6 saw a lot of chagnes for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It was the first season that only ran for 13 episodes. It was the first season to run over the summer. It also was the first season without Agent Coulson. In the midst of all these changes the

CasterQuest’s 4th Annual 4th of July Fanfiction Extravaganza!

Celebrate America’s Birthday with CasterQuest’s annual 4th of July Fanfiction Extravaganza! Rated M for explicit content. 1. Hermione and Ginny Vs the Space Wizards: https://questionablecontent.net/spacewizards.html 2. Jurassic Love by Thunderbuttsansa @ fanfiction.net 3. Pleasure Cruz: A Ted Cruz Fanfiction Ted Cruz loves Big Bird. Pleasure Cruz: A Ted Cruz Fanfiction 4.

PCC Multiverse Episode Sixty Four

God of War is here and we talk about if this game can boost the longevity for the Playstation 4. We also weigh with thoughts on Call of Duty;s rumored ditching of its single player campaign and why Spider-Man Homecoming was a big boost for Sony and the Marvel Cinematic


The 42cast Episode 29: The Will Meugniot Interview

This week we interview Will Meugniot. Will has spent over forty years as a storyteller in the comics and animation industries. We talk to Will about his influences, career, and get some of his thoughts about the current state of Marvel and DC television and film. We focus on his

PCC Multiverse Episode Fifty Five

We review Black Panther, a NASCAR preview, NBA trade deadline talk and is Kingdom Come Deliverance a quest worth taking?

The Earth Station One Podcast Episode 272 – ESO Goes Jurassic

ESO corporate felt genetic modification would up the “Wow” factor, so Mike, Mike, Martin Powell, and Leia Barrett Durham Powell study all the fine work by the folks at InGen to see how the franchise has been so successful, despite the occasional loss of lives. Leia even attempts a turn

Cigar Nerds Episode 22: SWAT Raptors

The Cigar Nerds Episode 22: SWAT Raptors. This week our nerds take a trip to the islands and dig up some dinos, when we discuss all things Jurassic Park. We also talk about robotic replacement parts, hover boards, and Bill Nye’s latest space project in science. In Nerd News we

Movie review: ‘Jurassic Park 3D’ a worthy upgrade

By Ashley Bergner Box Office Buzz I’ll never forget the first time I watched “Jurassic Park.” It’s an intense, harrowing experience — and one that continues to make me jump, no matter how many times I’ve watched it since then. From the moment the characters first land on the ill-fated

If you’re waiting for Jurassic Park 4, Sam Neill says you can stop

Have you been holding out hope that Michael Crichton’s dinosaurs would live on? Well, Sam Neill has some great news for you! He’s willing to come back and reprise his role as Dr. Alan Grant … … just as soon as both Crichton and dinosaur effects artist Stan Winston (both

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