Episode 27 – Madman – 1982+

This week, Cory picked the 1982 campground slasher “Madman.” This is just a straight up – classic 1980s slasher flick...

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Episode 26 – Critters: a New Binge – 2019+

This week Eric picked the Shudder exclusive mini-series “Critters: a New Binge.” We had some mixed emotions about it, but...

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Episode 20 – Split Second – 1992+

This week, Eric picked the 1992 sci-fi horror flick “Split Second.” It stars Rutger Hauer and Kim Catrall with a...

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Monsterama Con 2018 Preview with Suzanne Najbrt+

Monsterama Convention 2018 is coming up SOON! In fact, it’s this weekend in Atlanta Georgia 10/5 – 10/7. This is...

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Ep19 CQ Movie Review: The Green Inferno+

CasterQuest Hosts Mandy and Len join forces to produce our first Movie Review episode covering squelchy gorefest “The Green Inferno”...

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