The Cigar Nerds

Cigar Nerds Podcast Episode 110: An Excellent Adventure

Cigar Nerds Podcast Episode 110: An Excellent Adventure. We were a little late getting to this podcast, Ted forgot to wind his watch. This week we are taking you on an excellent adventure as we discuss the 30th Anniversary of Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure. Remember to be excellent to

The Cigar Nerds

Cigar Nerds Podcast Episode 96: House of Animals

Cigar Nerds Podcast Episode 96: House of Animals. Toga! Toga! Toga! It’s not over till we say it is. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? This week we are going back to school to talk about the 40th Anniversary of Animal House. Probably one of the most

Rusted Robot 206: ROBOCOP RETURNS

Everything comes full circle. In this week’s Rusted Robot Podcast, we talk about how Robocop Returns is a much anticipated film. In face, it’s the return of everything we ever loved. Pop culture rebirth, reboot, re-imagining! We’re talking about sequels and all the people and things that are coming back

The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Scifi News for 2/16/2018

The Monster is back to give you a much-needed boost to your in your life. Think of my podcast as meth without the side effects. Please don’t ask why I equated my podcast to an illicit drug. Its been a long night of editing this podcast; so I’m kinda running

The Monster Scifi Show Podcast – Scifi News for 3/09/2016

Back to the usual Scifi News for this week but I have some tidbit news before I get started: What am I reading???, Game of Thrones trailer for Season 6 – 4/24/16, Supergirl renewed for Season 2 Promo for another podcast part of the ESO Network – Metal Geeks Podcast.

Earth Station One Ep 234

Earth Station One Episode 234 – Godzilla: King of the Monsters

On this episode, the ESO crew takes a look at the birth of the “King of the Monsters.” Mike, Mike, the award-winning artist Mark Maddox, and Timothy Price travel back 60 years to find out what made Godzilla a worldwide phenomenon. We also take apart Robert Scott Field, aka android

Ratchet RetroCast Episode 31 – GOJIRA – KING OF PODCASTS!

Run! Its Perry Mason!!! No wait, its GODZILLA!!!!! The kaiju have arrived in this episode of The Ratchet Retrocast! While Tokyo is attacked, Q, Strangeway, Ratchet and newcomer Ashley discuss the history of kaiju films and the King of Monsters himself, Godzilla. Joining them is Timothy Price, author of Big

Needless Things Podcast Episode 24: Godzilla 2014

If you listened to last week’s (LAST WEEK!) Episode 23 of the Needless Things Podcast, then you know that we had a great time talking about the history of the Godzilla franchise. We barely scratched the surface, though, so there will be a sequel episode later this year. After we

Earth Station One Episode 215 – Go, Go, Godzilla!

On this monster-size episode, the ESO crew assembles a team of G-Fans to discuss the return of the King of the Kaiju! Are Mike, Mike, the award-winning author Bobby Nash, Ashley Bergner, Mark Holmes, Mark Maddox, and Timothy Price enough to take on the gigantic beast? One thing’s for sure,

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