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Rick Moranis

Honey, I Punched Rick Moranis – Rusted Robot Podcast 308

October means Hallowe’en. Hallowe’en means scary movies. We have a whack of scary movie trailers. Also, oddly enough, the episode includes a lot of Arnold Swarzenegger information. Rick Moranis, known for Ghostbusters and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (among other roles) was attacked by an unknown assailant on the streets

Cursed Sands Book Review By Ron Fortier

‘Cursed Sands’ Book Review By Ron Fortier

CURSED SANDSBy B.C. JamesAvailable at Amazon96 pgs. Having read some of our reviews, writer B.C. James send along his self-published “Cursed Sands” asking if we’d read and review it. Coming in at only 96 pgs, this volume is a novella which gives proof to the old adage, “Big things come

Earth Station One Podcast Ep 544

The Earth Station One Podcast – The Best &#$@ I Have Ever Eaten II

It has been said that good food brings folks together and that certainly is the case when Mike, Mike, Cheryl Gendron, and Keith Johnson are hungry for more talk on the best places to get the best food. Plus, resistance is futile for Mike Ehmcke of the We Be Geeks

The Cigar Nerds

Cigar Nerds Podcast: Killer Queen

Cigar Nerds Podcast: Killer Queen. This week we’re jumping on the Halloween train early and talking about a new horror movie. We are discussing the sequel to the Netflix original, The Babysitter with a look at The Babysitter Killer Queen. Just more proof you can’t keep a good blood cult

The Earth Station DCU Episode 206 – Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

This Week on Earth Station DCU! Drew Leiter and Cletus Jacobs join the Justice League Dark in the Apokolips War! The Batfamily comes together to join their mentor in the Joker War in Batman #99. Selina teams up with Penguin and Riddler to steal back the Wayne Fortune from Joker

Ring of Thunder episode 30 – The Possession of Alexa Bliss

Last week’s recap leading up to Clash Of Champions including Alexa Bliss going from being able to hit Sister Abigails looking high to Lacey Evans finding herself in the third act of Paranormal Activity with Alexa going full Katie Featherston. The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns straight up committing cousincide on

The Earth Station Who Podcast Ep 254

Earth Station Who – The Planet of the Daleks

Once again, the Doctor and his companion find themselves caught in the neverending struggle between the Thals and the Daleks. Mike, Mike, Mary, and Randy Stewart make their way through sap-squirting fungoids, invisible Spiridons, streams of liquid ice, and a planetwide release of deadly bacteria to face another Terry Nation

Earth Station One Ep 243

The Earth Station One Podcast – Red Dwarf The Promised Land

Listen up, Smegheads! The crew of the manic mining spaceship have returned for their cattiest adventure yet. Mike, Mike, Nathan Laws, and Anthony Williams take a look at what could be Red Dwarf’s final voyage. Plus, artist Jason Flowers joins us and he’s feeling froggy! All this, along with Ashley’s

The Bad-ass Women of Supernatural and Why I Love Them

Sam, Dean, and Castiel: Supernatural’s holy trinity. They are the men around whom the series revolves and they’re the ones we hear about and we love. But the fact is that Supernatural is full of bad-ass women. I don’t want to do some kind of countdown: that’s been done. I

The ESO Board Silly

The ESO Network Board Silly Episode 6

The ESO Board gathers once again to get goofy together and this time we talk all about one of favorite conventions of the year Dragon Con. This years con was a little different though as we went 100% virtual. How was the experience for us? We talk about the panels,

The Earth Station DCU Episode 205 – Explore the Multiverse

This Week on Earth Station DCU! Drew Leiter and Cletus Jacobs explore the multiverse during DC Fandome Part 2! Jason Todd returns to the Batcave to face Tim Drake and Alfred in Batman: The Adventures Continue #12. The DC Trinity travels to the Dark Multiverse to stop the Crisis in

Ring of Thunder episode 29 – Uncool With Sexy Thor

On the eve of Sexy Thor’s new favorite podcast, the past week’s recap including Lady Lacey meeting Sister Abigail, Jey Uso inching closer to a spear and a bunch of chair shots and not even realizing it, more Ring of Honor Pure Tournament action, and the return of NXT UK.

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